Best Sports Cars For Under 8k | Fifth Gear

earlier in the show we saw Jason and Caron getting to grips with two supremely quick sports cars both are brilliant driver focused machines first let's not forget that they cost north of a hundred and forty thousand pounds sadly most of us won't have the budget for a gt3 RS so let's have a look at some alternatives that will get the pulse racing but without breaking the bank each of these sporty convertibles can now be yours for around eight grand with reasonably low miles and in good condition the Porsche Boxster the Mercedes SLK and the BMW z4 roadster I'll start with the Boxster now we couldn't feature sports cars without the Porsche Boxster it was born in 1996 and it was Porsches first purpose-built convertible sports car since the Spyder back in 1953 it has got a fantastic chassis with its mid-engine layout and that definitely makes it more nimble than dare I say Porsche 911 with its rear engine layout controversial maybe and even better news is that you're eight thousand pound budget will now get you into a Series two or nine eight seven version of the Boxster this features a host of revisions including new lights and interior plus an uprated version of Porsches famous flat-six engine which produces 239 horsepower and propels it to 62 miles an hour in 7.1 seconds you turn the steering the car moves it talks to you non-stop through the wheel through the seat through the pedals it's fabulous so if you fancy one of these cars what miss you look out for well the suspension for starters broken coil springs that our main culprit and an unlevel stance is a cured giveaway that things are not right moans and groans as well a good indicator and a corner costs about a hundred pounds to replace and while you're taking a test drive you might be tempted to think that bricks are misbehaving the brakes in a box the 987 are particularly good but things like to start with because Porsches braking system isn't as heavily assisted as other rivals so perhaps a good way to check them is to find a quiet stretch of road and do an emergency stop next the Mercedes if you're looking for a sports car that's stylish and elegant then look no further than the mercedes-benz SL k it manages to combine grace with decent performance and a bit of luxury these are 171 models were made between 2004 and 2010 and this particular car is a 1.8 liter with a supercharger or compressor as Mercedes liked to call it and it's got 161 brake horsepower it'll do 143 mile an hour top speed and nought to 60 two happens in 7.9 seconds unlike the Porsche and many other sports cars the SL k has decent boot space with 300 liters available when the roof is up so this is definitely one to consider if you like long weekends away the engine is in the front of this car and it definitely feels more nose-heavy than the Boxster it doesn't turn in quite as sprightly as the Porsche and it isn't as agile and nimble either however what it is really good at is cruising and wafting along if you want one of these cars here's what you need to look out for boot seals are prone to failure which can result in the wheel world filling up with water soaking the carpet and there leading to the inevitable rust this is a quick fix if you catch things early sills can be hard for around 60 pounds and please inspect the cars intricate metal roof if you notice that it's retracting more slowly than usual then it's usually a problem with the pump new ones cost 500 pounds however you might be able to get a secondhand one for around 150 time for my final Germanic sports car now for the BMW z4 or e85 to be precise it was BMWs sports car for the millennium and was introduced in 2002 replacing the outgoing sets we you can now get hold of early Zed Falls for a little over 2,000 pounds however if you're prepared to accept a slightly higher mileage 8,000 pounds we'll just about get you into a very special version of this car the z4 M it's powered by a 3.2 litre straight-six engine putting out 343 horsepower far more than the other two cars I have today the results well how does not – 62 miles an hour in just 5 seconds grab you fundamentally when BMW made the said four they made a really good car front-engine rear-wheel-drive that is just as engaging and rewarding as the porsche boxster just delivered in a slightly different way make no mistake the z4 M is a z4 turned up to ten so expect a very firm ride and razor-sharp throttle response but if speed is your priority this is certainly a car to look out for so what do you need to check before parting with your cash the suspension rear trailing arm bushes can begin to wear at about 50,000 miles and also rear springs can snap it's not uncommon for said for owners if it's thicker by back Springs and they cost from as little as a hundred and forty pounds for a set and as for that mighty engine well don't worry it is virtually bomb-proof which one would I take home it has to be the Porsche Boxster because the driving involvement is just perfect you