Best Sports Bloopers 2017

that's why special teams are so important to this deck that was that was comical speaking to the fourth progression Mike Sanford said what really makes it specialists we don't have the balance between the run-pass game as we we want Oh [Applause] ball is loose and it's too loose [Applause] Florida Atlantic John Franklin the third breaks through for a long run he goes all the way to the end zone touchdown coach Wayne Kip is happy but wait watch this again fall short of the goal line Franklin the third what about Franklin the second Franklin the first you records in the family boy I'm shaking my head too coach cut it away Nathan Snyder standing at his 35 boss Neider rift got it after he bobbled it football still alive inside the 50 yard line football still alive inside the 10 Miami's got it off the punt width and then the ensuing scrum from Nathan Snyder will I be who finally came up with that football for the punt cover squad for Miami and unfortunate is one those situations that make the blooper highlight reel we appreciate the effort on the part of the partners are trying to pick the football up one of the things that you do want doing when you're the defense is is pick it up scoop and score is by Handel trying to keep it alive he does you break even big players down get the smell that ha [Applause] second one rat engine analyses last touch me oh my goodness often Douglas Tiki defenders and look who comes up for the basketball where they want to be in the very near future ah fair a hooker making the steel goes down hard right shoulder check out this collision poets with bark I ought the official yeah still want a grand gets the front of the rim on the dunk attempt maybe he needed a dribble and took ten foot rim he jumped about nine and a half feet she's in love my goodness Genoa just blow Paul Louis all right it's the floor distinctly white there oh my goodness [Applause] James was too slow for the outlet work but whippers it's a game called lost pulse trying to go she ate whoa do I actually think he passed the backboard and just lost control of it any one of those too high he might have some fun with that one watches local domain which are a master in vitro memory has a family Cole Roma and a top tinker a la corte the muzaffer tamale hey chica crystal faces sake FSA DVD amo ospa yato completamente la curva cinta righto La Porta con el borracho nan nega han china with son Domitian dramatic ways do we noticed was the mentor voluntary depart for theater I had a terrible game imagine the mutant eighty its variable kill it's a magical great idea the first weapon gets to the Stars bench and slowly they assemble and we'll try to bring it up ice the British Center drop [Applause] Spezza being that guy that comes up the ice right between players of the stars that are coming up through the middle of the ice why his mother tries to fire [Applause] [Applause] and wait behind the net as well whenever you get a chance to hit 65 you got to do it and look at the maneuverability of Carl said setting in a teammate they score Bobby Ryan stopped on the first try and the Senators end up scoring at 6:31 here of the first period well didn't slow Eric Carlson down and he after he took that big hit because coming through the neutral zone watch the attention he gets from all the lightning he is such a good passer Bobby Ryan is all alone four guys converge on Carlson and then Dan Girardi comes back tries to clear it knocks it off the leg of Braden Colburn so Ryan even though he was stopped on a terrific save by Andre basileis key he'll get credit for this goal because it was an own goal by the lightning but the problem there was nobody paid attention away from the puck I know Carlson is a good player but you don't need four guys to go after him through the middle [Applause] Kadri with 105 lifts ago Cadbury's 13 goal of the season this Russell's played a heck of a game and this is just bad luck sometimes you just can't react fast enough there's the shot Chris Russell the chance looks like he hasn't the practical joke gone through the stick he turns and fires and Chris Russell scores on his old net turns tries to clear the puck he turns and shoots that he puts it by Loretta Swan it's just a tough tough goal [Applause] Chris who's played such a great game and tied the game up late feels horrible [Applause] they foresee phenol water Papa's a blow was a purpose in tsukimura feel good for the authentications below in kilowatts of Buddha I set the net no good they are so she stopped on oppose and here's the chance for the five seconds to go sometimes you play until you see the slip-up and Wilson is at fault museun half hits one part on the ground it's Rodriguez and Edge's he'll pop it up and you're coming from everywhere in the infield towards the mound he's going to take it mutters now at first base the first pitch to Daniel Robertson clapping a flyball to center and dice and that ball hits him he lost it it hits him and Robertson rounds second on his way to third and he's trying to regain his senses now they're just some can't just flat-out mister oh so that's what happened to Everett jumped up and beating you nowhere [Applause] two on nobody out and panic pulls one foul down he goes there's nowhere to hide over there yeah that's you gotta own it that's what you got to do you just gotta own it then Gretzky gets slippery going out and found territory this looks like a base hit but Robertson makes a nice catch head party ends up and outside the foul line see what happened that they when out there and hit the turf monster he just stepped his toe as he was looking at the line drive here's to all imparting and he continues to swing a hot bath for four for yesterday and he's off to the races and putting the brakes on now he's going to go to third as the ball is juggled out on the track in the Oilers throw hard I'm not there yet wait a minute somebody moved the base keep going down he's laughing even before he gets to them no one to and he'll throw the ball that'll roll and he swung that's it out he swung it that's a live ball and that is the end of the inning so Bernice lost his footing but threw the ball anyway and he didn't have to throw it but he threw it and it rolled over the first base line and Fuentes jokingly took a half-hearted swing which counted beat the fries they give do contested a head start and then watch this guy the fries it's the greatest thing I've ever seen watch this folks at least this guy go this guy is Ramirez with a 3-1 count and he jolts one to deep left field back goes Mikey mato gets over his head and gone or is it yep looked like he was going for a rebound out there was a bouncing around and let's see what it does and when he goes out there does it go over the yellow line does it hit it it hit the yellow line and then he pushed it over well that is really bizarre look at it goes straight up in the air so he saw that he tried to twice yes it did slipped out of the hands of Wainwright that's something you don't see that every day my gosh I haven't seen that years now it looks like Wainwright and Molina may have gotten confused on the on the pitch that they were going to throw but why would if that were the case why didn't Wainwright step off got was having a heart or diet gingka not hums up-down solid a box it's a live web interface your people are eating so family bond didn't like come on I still a balance and Issa [Applause] there are cars edo tensei how to talk oh yeah what could show that while you were in some way they saw TC j hovah me about physiology Xin Jie we got it doesn't work fun man – no earlier than woody shampoo tree Chiana – right defiance is Ichiko coiler boy that's a yellow-legged of Papo CHEO