Best of Team Liquid 2019 (Best Plays and Epic Moments) – CS:GO

they're trying to chase them down and there's still a stack of the bombs I Jax is there to pick up the kill have they done enough to you to it shucks inside we're gonna get that belt back twist he's on one versus two he tries for the bomb pop this shorty no way he could do it they have got him boxed in right now he's got nothing to work with except this rifle he gets the headshot turning it around and he puts it up into overtime and down it long it's all off trying to make his way closer there's nitro gone and it's on Stewie they have to get coach to that a job go get that one you've gotta be kidding me taking down both players point-blank range they were right next to each other inside of that smoke it will be amazed to try and fight them one Bursaspor and he's got the first kill the promis'd right there's coverage that's right the only thing pouring from one more 10 to to make sure it's had a spectacular star in this best of one does have the kit does he have the time great nitro makes it a 1v1 forest the left alone the bomb is not planted for him certainly not ideal he's checking it it's gonna be all about adjustments makes it clear whether you know is it Nitro has managed to make the impossible possible yeah there's no grenades Eve they'd love to throw a Molotov the back of one of these angles all chewy uncharacteristically comes outside confessing the trade and it's down to twist again exactly read peek from twists was sumptuous and he is gonna get the round for liquids the CTS are walking into a crossfire whether they know it or not right now between the sight in the car it's now down to a 1v2 now doing his best this grenade might hit home it does but it's not gonna me finish him with the OP shot now 1v1 he's got enough time to even go for a little bit of a fake plant right now if he chooses nothing on the edge of it does that fake it he does Molotov comes in and nap is actually gonna plant this on the bravest side you could have ever done it any lines are joyous 8hp that's it it's gonna go back to our default soo we had the presence of mind not to play the ever look who's already arrived twist is down inside a checker 4jw gets it with the off on vents and it's 90 HP triple op a case swap excuse me 4 JW he does pick up the body from Russell but now it's gonna have to get aggressive good my best chance for liquid and it's a one-on-one went bottom oh you'll love to see that aloo now sodium levels rising it'd be a highlight reel twist tougher kg and the bad plant which means it's the hardest plant to defend but he needs to do it all twist read expect him to fall back and he's right manages to get back on sort of side once again destiny picks up an ache a rain too much HP HP in the doorway the fast plane comes into play and so he's got a one on one Theo's got to find a way to get the bomb down he's gonna tap it he's gonna stick it he's gonna call the fluffy who he's got that running out crystal also running out on his own agenda he's got his own plants it's gonna be that 12 3 I asked for I suppose yeah he's in a1 b2 now look at me down immaculately very low Thomas wants six crystal and 12 takes the fight swings around quite the shot there from the leaves with four bullets he's gonna have to connect on at least one that's all he's gonna need to very low of crystals 12 8 feet he finds it 13 – does it here we do have liquid who have taken long aid they've actually aggressed it that's giving them a little bit more info on what could be happening here come we fought flash but the wide swing out of liquid right now twist is gonna find two a third for twist as well and he still got Stewie there who runs out of that time if he's alive Stewie lives and twiglets takes all white kills that's been quiet so far but he's found the bomb Nitro two versus one AWP uses the mods off the washout list on the other side but the back step comes in Jessie at the head shop this one off the clock headshot followed up by the offshore and its twist this lo one put on an EVA side will do it one will do it on either side but thanks are still gonna stay to the OP I can't believe he hit that headshot on reaction spinning around twist now has to dance backwards to find better ground to rotate off so the Nitro 2 has no idea as to get the angle it all starts with a bit of a chance shot I have to say a bit of luck but he'll take it hit they actually drop down coldzera though he's waiting behind the box there's nothing to block off his vision he can pop up at any moments doing with the AWP he's gonna have to act very quickly they can't dude he's got the one rotation great shot from Nitro I don't know how he snapped him it's only fur left in the sight it's a one on three essentially at this bomb site but he missed the chance not sure with the jump that's so confusing fur can do so much more blocking himself all from the player in hauls this is beautiful from fur he's done it he's done everything he could it's all down to fall and again another one versus one but it's Stewie three kills in the round all versus off oh my god four for our former player versus for my own captain creeping on out he's got the right idea fallen could walk right into this story with the triple easy yeah he knows his fallen gonna see this no he walks right in quad kill and Stewie gonna be able to pick it up yeah he's waiting he's thinking about their timing if he wins this fight they can focus all the rest of the attention on the other side Stewie oh he goes down and nitro is gone as well and twist in the corner there should be no way out by God how's he done it picking up a quick triple man he's gonna win the round absolutely godlike please March their way forward it's got to be 2 1 D ones essentially on a pro now peeks out he'll lose that first fight leaving it all up twist pops off after he spots his shoulder hopefully the time can be in his favour soon he actually sees that cz firing excellently played by twist he knew that that was a bait now he takes the next fight and wins it as well twist the intelligence to recognize that device was merely playing decoy put Asano man they needed that one we'll do this low HP on both ends players that's so risky bullets oh dear here we go that's sick time not important anymore the bombs been planted twist versus x7 doesn't know he's out there yeah oh no oh boy let's go that's a beautiful one versus three chance MIB I could come back into it it's now a two-on-two taco trying to get it all done here from the ticket booth buying time for caldera to come across and we've seen the 1v1 clutches from cold sarah yesterday they all went in his favour but not this time Elise is too good their leaves with a/c said door bar pit this time for all then it's got a Stewie and that's actually the rotation that one killed but the poem is not going cuz there's no time so bro it was that car forward nature's gonna get it and realize it has to be on the a site they're gonna ride back at least he does enough damage though that gift with the chips needs to play this tight to the wall as he just waits for them to come to him slowly but surely creeping under the wall is he gonna be ready years exist Falls Crim's no Armand needs to land this first shot but it's not ready for it hears him spots him moves around adjusts and takes him down Nath secures to two versus one game suspenders doodle doodle for skadoodle that's a big interest oh that could have been a huge twist of course he's gonna get to the water he kills oh my god one HP's technically I'm gonna say he's on for the ACE another shot a breeze he had no business getting that kill there was just not a chance you never sea breeze miss a kill like that for him just a just on the 180 gets the last kill they survived with rage P on two players can like that so he does have a fighting chance at first kill is gonna be here Oscar going in first the orb that now has the information as to where Lau resides and it's gonna be a fantastic clouds from Stewie there we really needed that one from device is just so strong it is a good position but liquid have come through much harder retakes and still come out on top of though device big kill and following it up making it a double they're lining up for him and he's gonna take three with him of what a performance Oh twist house it even possible Guardian has picked up an organ stead of the AWP and all of my sister on the other side just making a bit of noise there and Hut but it surely has to be Guardian to try and open something up bit of a shot ring in out and off just ready and wait he misses the chance for nade landing at the feet and Knapp taking him up it's almost like you predicted that now now put the a K he jumped back around the styler when he seen did he catch the head shot to get the third round oh my god the place was long he's not aware of and that shocks on the deagle all shocks comes in with another one and he keeps going forward that's three four shocks studi two k left into your 1v3 I know how shocks has pulled that off but g2 needed that mirror of doughnuts happened to he's looking for a way back into this trying to salvage it shocked finally finished off – he's looking for another and there's the second stewey going for the jump shot he's gonna pull it off Kenny has finished off a nice three the 1v3 clutch they play similar positions on T side there had to make some adjustments between naff and twists some make room for him speaking of he steps out to fantastic Hilton gets away as well that single smoke down entrance side of monster prison couldn't chase him to the sandbag he'll settle off pick that rain potential another headshot what around so far on the cz-75 from twists sitting at 15 and 7 completely dominant and starts this round we're actually gonna see liquid push twists up towards middle able to find Shazam now and give this team demand advantage there are players towards lower D but they're gonna be held up by a leash that's gonna allow twist now to fall back from the middle area and pull you back catwalk before he finds one more oh he's looking for the fourth out there as well Stanislaus luckily to just slowly crab-walk his way back to cover next to the tree and twist is looking for a couple more now would give him the ACE on the pistol round nothing's holding the shallow angle but a single shot is all that is needed and it was a silent death for nothing now Stanislaus trying to come back maybe he takes this fight head-to-head against twist maybe he loses it maybe we get another ace today anything is possible here but Stanislaw right now it does look like the liquid members are kind of aware of where he could be there you go twist with the ace on the round up at the ton isn't his Rolex off I don't like the angles the CT oh you know you say you die every time yeah scary you know art from Pieria they go mid they take it and he just ops yeah that guy I played a couple whose fucking Nazis crazy crazy shit and he IG LS he's like he's like a dedicated and I was talking to betta the Brazilian caster you saying a lot of people play with art say is the most talented player they've ever played with a little crazy it's like the few days playing in a qualifier for minor qualify for any – is it because they they live in America that's what little we know it is living in America right till a 2 on 3 the bomb being planted but now can't make it out Kenny there to pick it up for the second kill of the round on him and now it's on twist and he's got to pick up the one headshot they're not even on the bomb side yet and he's still fighting for it they don't have a smoke and he has someone else off if he knows the Molotov to go over that would really be something but instead he's had coffins waiting I don't either ever going to expect this position well probably not but also then that they'll never expect the Molotov this could really be bad 42 they had the one versus three he's gonna pick up the head shot he makes it back around the corner the Molotov ass out he's gonna put it right on top of the bomb and I don't think they have time for it it's gonna be a minute going down twist with a massive one versus three over towards that be site hot flashes bomb so that blinds them but it doesn't catch Dupree there's your opener stalls is always quick on these so he's able to get some cover and he's been great here as long as he could hold tight to the pillar he's gotten the second one nap will fall back into the pit and he'll take a second one as well that's it man seals the deal liquid or victorious they have defeated the Kings Astralis liquid are your iBUYPOWER masters champions twist still wait till peak pro Lance spotted he's got the seats and he's gone it's all on the JW [Applause] we get there not too [Applause] they're sneaking underneath him this could be problematic they get the clean kill on twist all bets are off they can bring this round back and he detects threat now he can sense players on the other side still they kill but we're surely he gets the fuck is this where it ends a low and a three versus one not tagged but he's got the kill they've got masters and two in the Intel Grand Slam and in Dallas they do it again it was Sydney and hear the chorus territory macMaster's champions second in the Intel grand slam liquid champions where it all began here's the go at three he's on for North America [Applause] that he's down in middle this could be the final winning moment just him walking down he's spotting it out he's gonna be flanking him as they're setting up and that an absolute disaster Stewie he may have just done it double for him and a leash on the other side oh my god Emma Nikita one versus three with 19 seconds unbelievable scenes here ladies and gentlemen Team Liquid are your season 9 throwing champions