Best of Insane Champion Picks That Actually Worked (League of Legends)

You know in some ways, League of Legends is a simple game. When it comes to champions, you have to
pick what everyone else does, and just try to play the game better than they do. Of course there are counter-picks, of course there’s the odd fringe lock-in, but at the end of the day if you want to go truly off-script, if you want to pick a truly off-meta champion, well lets just say it’s risky. You can get rekt, dumpstered, destroyed. Or everything can work out in your favor, and that crazy pocket pick could deliver you and your team to glory. That’s why this week on Best of we’re focusing on the craziest off-meta champion picks that actually worked, and a few that didn’t. But let’s start this video off on a positive note shall we? (Casting) “Wow.” (Casting) “That team composition was specifically drafted to counter LeBlanc in every way, shape, and form.” “Tanks, spell shields, left, right, and center, lots of magic resist, and it just shows how hard it is to beat this guy’s LeBlanc.” (Casting) You know sometimes, that successful off-meta pick can make you a pioneer. All of a sudden your crazy pocket champion is the new normal. (Casting) You know, sometimes when you play an off-meta champ, you can go from looking like you have 200 IQ, to being in Bronze V. Sometimes those pocket picks just don’t work out. (Casting) (Casting) Well guys, that’s Best of for this week, now if we missed your favorite off-meta champion pick, I care, email me at [email protected]