what’s up guys welcome to the vlog
welcome back to my Channel today I’m at Josh’s house and welcome thank you and
today we’re going to be doing an awesome challenge we will be making coke and
mentos of rockets you guys haven’t seen them before they’re super easy to make
all you got to do is put Mentos in there and put the cap on real quick
you throw them in the air when they hit the ground they launch off like a rocket
and that is going to be today’s challenge we’re gonna make a mess in the
yard though that’s okay be great you know I’m super sad a little nervous
these things can take off I’m gonna have to get out of the way they’re a little
unpredictable and they are crazy and the way this challenge is gonna work as each
contestant is going to have three sort of rockets that they’re able to make the
highest rocket is gonna win $10,000 super easy super simple but we have all
kinds of sodas and a lot of different types of mentos so a lot of different
combinations to try it can be very interesting to see who can make the
highest soda rocket today all right guys let’s get to it let’s introduce the
contestants I’m also probably not gonna win well I mean have some confidence Wow
oh you got a under-promise and over-deliver up next we got Josh my
house my rules I can just decide it’s my rules so I’m winning up next we got
Caleb what are you doing I’m definitely I don’t know a win this guys I thought
were gonna be team so I was thinking about having somebody smarter and of
course I can’t pass up this challenge this one sounds like so much fun so I’m
also gonna be competing in today’s challenge and competing for the $10,000
all right you guys ready for this it’s gonna be 30 minutes on the clock to
build three soda rockets at the end of 30 minutes we are testing them the first
of the highest rocket will win you guys ready three two one let’s go and people
are i think opee’s the way to go that’s kind of the classic and if I want one of
these little bottles twos maybe the little bottle will be a little bit more
concentrated I don’t know but going all Diet Coke everybody else is gonna be
going Diet Coke I’m going for colors there’s only one bottle of fresca I’m
taking it and I think I’m going to fancy so how does this work started you just
like put the Mentos in and run well you know I can’t give to him any
hints I’ve never done these before but no I know a little bit never does I
think you stick them on Stinkum and be at the cap it really fast that’s kind of
maybe the hardest part and then you shake it up and then you throw them down
on the concrete crack the cap and it shouldn’t rock it off like a soda rocket
so once I hear the poop ones do not work at all
so definitely mint all right I’m definitely going on the fruit route I
think those explode the most I’m gonna go classic three I’m gonna keep this
variable the same and I’m gonna try Mentos on one but also it’s never been
done but we do have baking soda up here and I know this works really well with
the soda fountains Oh so this might work well with a set of
rocket so I’m gonna try baking soda for two of them oh is that perfect fit you have to
squeeze the whole thing oh oh oh oh what if you actually try to just fill it up all right what you got going on so far I
got the little the little rocket hold its in like some tassels so then style
points style points but also it just it’ll look great as it flies in the area
with its victorious highest so it looks like you have like those rocket fins
actually I mean yeah you’re good for aerodynamics are you taping a man listen
it is gonna be very difficult like people are annoys me how tougher to
be them alright so the rock is to weigh it down when you throw it right yeah so
it’ll flip in here okay and it’ll launch off the rock and I think it’ll be even
easier make even more alright I like that idea
guys I actually don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know if I should put
everything in first and then shake it up or I don’t know I don’t know why grab
this duct tape I just kind of sell other people grab it so I grabbed it but
you’re opening your second bottle already yeah cuz here’s here’s here’s
why there’s no way I can make to rocket so I’m just going to try this
I haven’t had phantoms so long thank you for doing this challenge obviously Josh
you give me some ice so we’re only halfway into our building period and
Caleb’s already down to soda Rockets he opened the first one and tried to put
water balloons on it and the second one he just drank it so he’s only down to
one rocket this challenge is not looking good for him if Kayla’s gonna win
today’s challenge he’s gonna need all the help he can get
guys wish him some luck in the comments down below a little idea I don’t know
it’s not work enough but I think my two other bottles keep them together to 1
mega rocket it’s gonna make the flip really important because I need to bust
both caps at the same time but it could have double power good twice as high
right everybody giving me crap yeah here’s the key someone just told me that
banter is the strongest one so I’m gonna make some Fanta with fresca and
hopefully I don’t cause a nuclear explosion when nobody’s anticipating
right now is I think the difficult part about these Rockets just getting the
Mentos in and the cap back on so I’m gonna try it right now and see how hard
it is so this is where things get tricky I got 5 which i think is a pretty solid
number this is my first rocket and first attempt here we got three two one Hey oh
that was good it wasn’t bad going in a toss oh man I mean the challenge hasn’t
started yet so this is to stay pressurized
I mean I can feel the pressure this thing’s very high pressurized oh wow I
wasn’t able to catch it all right most of it yeah so I just science community
they call it dinglehopper the way this works could you use the force of gravity
to pull it as quickly as possible into the soda filling
okay so for this first one I’m actually going to some bacon it’s gonna be my baking soda pouch and
once I drop it in there I can have enough time to close the cap I don’t
think it’s gonna work I don’t think it’s gonna dissolve I think that’s gonna I
hope you shake it up hard enough I think it will if you got haters doing
something right oh boy drop it you know what’s gonna happen okay oh my gosh
basically now it’s and then you just have to shake it up and then the
pressure should build but it’s ready to go all right Ryan you almost done we got
15 seconds left all right Lizzie you done and Caleb are you done we got five
seconds left Bar three two one all right guys time
building is done it is now time for us to test our soda rockets this is the
most exciting spot all right guys the way this is gonna work now that we are
gonna be testing the Rockets we’re gonna go one at a time testing our set of
rockets it’s all about height distance does not matter it’s the height from the
ground vertically up into the sky is the highest rocket wins and we’re gonna be
starting with Liz’s coca-cola josh is hiding behind the pool Caleb is a yeah
where are you Caleb how do you are and then we got stove and Ryan back here
we’re all anticipating these Rockets because we’ve never done these before
here goes Liz she’s gonna test it out she’s our guinea pig for today let’s see
how it goes yeah that’s the land on the cat Liz Oh oh my gosh this is so scary
she’s got thrown together see if you can get it here we go oh it’s aiming right
at me this is aiming right at me just drop it again one more one more go well
last one go all right it’s a dud it’s a good Liz’s first round was an
absolute failure of the zero inches let’s move on to contestant number two
for their first round steps up all right so if you’re up let’s see if stove can
make a better score that Liz it’s not hard to beat a score is still zero oh jeez damn it’s a lot of pressure you
let out stop it works higher than Liz yeah we’re going to check this logo
we’re gonna measure the height it definitely went above zero inches Oh all right stove after reviewing the
slow-mo it went above the zero feet zero inches you actually on the second
bounces it came back up it hit four more feet so I’m gonna lead right now you are
technically the lead and you could win $10,000 with a four foot rocket which
would be really embarrassing it would be embarrassing I’m just doing my normal 2-liter I’ve
got the Mentos in a little bit of luminol to hopefully give a little bit
of a delay so I can keep all the energy is it building pressure oh yeah oh no
I’m so nervous here he goes in Rob oh yeah here we go
come on Josh you got this I don’t know if it went higher than four feet Josh me
too three people went Liz has a score of zero feet stove has a score of four feet
and he’s in first place Josh went third and he has a score of a one-foot which
puts him in second place Ryan’s up next let’s see if he can get the first place
prize whatever throw it in oh oh you got it okay here we go three two one oh there it is and it’s leaking you can
see it leaking Carter we’ve measured this cliff before so Ryan has a score of
negative 34 feet all right you are officially in a good thing we have two
more bottles or else I’m in trouble guys I’m up next I put the Mentos and
you’re like 15 minutes ago it still feels like it’s got pressure but I don’t
know if there’s like if it kind of wears off after a while bullets yeah one more
try no for that Ryan what are we looking at okay so when it hits the ground it
just flies across the ground doesn’t actually go into the air so I probably
give them an inch oh you’re that you got an inch oh you know it honestly isn’t
that bad because it puts me in third place behind stove with the four feet
Josh with one foot but it puts me ahead a buck and Ryan who are technically
worse than me so I’m okay I slept two more rockets and little even get hers to
pop off I did it I’m soaked all right so Caleb you would be up next
correct but you’ve already exploded your first Fanta bottle so that counts as a
score of zero then we’re moving on to round number Q but when I when I did it
accidentally he was in my hand which is probably done it doesn’t count let’s
move on to round number two Liz that means you’re up again all right guys Liz
for round number two she only has a score of zero so if you guys want to
give her good luck don’t forget to hit that like button right now for Team
Lizzy let’s go three two one Oh Liz oh no along arms let’s see Wow Caleb’s going
for the reach my father’s just a muscular it’s hard to get through the
little teamwork between the largest and smallest contestant Oh Oh heard of look the whole bottle
explodes oh man you had too much pressure Liz look at that was after
looking at the slow-mo it looks like your bottle actually went about two feet
above the ground so that puts you please I mean it can’t let’s just sipping on
this note over there all right all used to it seemed like most of it came out I
know that was really good I don’t know if they beat your forefoot first one
those clothes I had a life pointed up that would have been like 30 exactly
that would have been a $10,000 man looking at the slow-mo you can see the
bottle hits the ground but kind of lays flat and then it launches with a ton of
power but it only went about three the cap is still on I just made a huge oh
that’s crazy thinking that is very interesting that’s the technique I think
that’s gonna win today’s challenge but it needs to be angled all right Josh
you’re up next there you go home with the doula what do
you think guys what do you think do you think that he should stick with the
double or she go with double ax stances and go to single rocket forget amigo
this works out come on yes that was pretty far but as actually
highest rocket went so I’ll give you an inch on that if it makes you feel better
but it was basically on the ground the whole time Ryan your last rocket is
negative 34 feet you think you’d do better on this one I think it’s almost
impossible to do worse you’re not gonna write there’s no way you’re getting all
this in there come on hold hold just go here he goes oh no that is like the
third rocket of the day to aim right at me Ryan
this lemma footage of your rocket and completely horizontal and aimed at me
yep that’s what foot and a half yeah which is like which is out which is like
over 35 feet better than your last rocket say you’re you’re moving up I’m
in like third place if you do that same increment again it’ll be a 35 foot
rocket that’s true so we turn the last round it’s gonna be good I guys I’m up
you got going here well we got the diet coke you know cuz I’m gonna die it okay
oh oh not sure I’m a jerk after Kowt was a mature thought you guys just go for a
real high egg toss really oh I feel defeated covered in
soda couldn’t even get that bottle to launch off so that was the score of zero
we’re moving on are you ready to launch off your strawberry rocket I’m really
well I think that’s the score of zero you sip it on it I still think it’s like
corn happy there it’s got a got a launch off it can’t just be held four feet so I
move it on to Round three guys aiya this is your third and final round the
highest score is only four feet it’s absolutely pathetic we gotta do better
than this you think you can make this one go high
I don’t know we’ll see I made a modification so I don’t know let’s give
this a try so basically with this one I’ve taped like a Mentos on the top of
the cap and then taped this shut because tape I think will rip that easier than
the cat and I didn’t put the cap on all the way there’s no cap there is it’s
just not on over gotcha okay very interesting modification let’s
see if it works guys we need more help we need better luck we need ledges or
someone’s to go really high because I want to see a rocket go all the way up
yes perfectly I wanted interesting very
interesting right Liz after look at this loma it looks like you and stove had a
very similar on someone tied for first place and if it comes to at the end we
might need to do a final tiebreaker round well let’s move on the next
Knesset give you a score a zero and that one stem that was not a rocket is it’s
still tied for first place right now come on Josh we’re rooting for you that’s a nine and a half that’s probably
almost 10 feet it would have been like probably twenty final score up to look
at the slow-mo replay is a score of ten feet I’ll take it that’s first place you
are at first place you’re looking really good for the 10,000 guys run around
three so is only a few more people left to try to beat you so we’ll see where’s
your knocked out of first place you’re not gonna win well maybe I could try it
one more time I’m much like Josh saved the small bottle for last because I was
pretty sure that this to go the highest so hopefully I can one-up him with it
one opportunity to prove to the world that he’s better than what his mom said
that’s gonna be a tough expectation too it’s a proof Oh Oh No yes yes yes yes
this does seem to be the hardest part is getting this Kaplan here we go three two
of course all right I’m putting the cap one less
tight the pressure is building let’s go here we go Oh
feeling good bad that was my best attempt I don’t know how high a whip we
got to look at the slo-mo but that looked pretty good all right so after
looking at the slow-mo this was a really good rocket it didn’t go 30 feet but it
definitely went over 10 feet would be your record at a first place so puts me
in first place at 12 feet so I’m feeling pretty good about it we have one person
left and that’s Caleb he has even done a
rocky cuz he drank both so we’ll see how his first ever attempt on round 3 is
gonna work it could work he could win this thing or drop it in school in
straight and just shoot off this table I heard you’ve been there hang on Jess a
lot of it’s okay for the rules I still think it’s gonna work so I say it’s a
lot okay we’re gonna Kayla we’re gonna allow it they were it’s gonna be okay I
mean you haven’t even gone once yet because both of his other bottles were
messed up during the the build phase the missing part of the rocket was the rock
so I put a rock on the jack yep so you put a rock on the rock let’s put a rock
on this that’s correct okay this is gonna weigh it down and help the the
trick the speedforce hit and someone said that the red Fanta
is very busy so I mixed fresco with bread fans
well did you say that and everyone knows science the fruity ones explode the most
because it tastes the best things that takes the best explode the best guys if
you think Caleb’s rock it is gonna actually go to the highest easy to
comment down below right now because this is super experimental I’ve never
seen anything like this it’s totally different from everything and he has
this soda mixed in there I don’t know if that’s a good play I don’t know if I can
get the cap on here in time because with the rock it’s time delay the time to
like these guys they didn’t even bubble I think this combo of things did nothing yeah yep the rock came up is there’s no
longer a rocket guys this is not looking good for Calif
I don’t think his a this science experiment is working very well for him
oh here he goes again Oh see Caleb I don’t think that did very well you know
science is all about hypotheses if I try this then it will fail and then you just
do it again so the other lucky I didn’t have three bottles y’all are so lucky I
didn’t have pretty boy all right Liz you go for your one last soda I’m not sure
if it really counts but she’s gonna do it let’s see if they can go high if it
goes super-high maybe y’all give us credit for that yeah that one angled
down so technically I won today’s challenge but I don’t want to win on my
channel just take home the prize money so I’m gonna give everybody else one
more try we’re doing a last tiebreaker round where everyone gets one more
bottle well Mazzara to get ready and we’re
gonna throw all these bottles all at the same time the highest rocket on this
last round is gonna take home the prize money of $10,000 so everyone has a shot
right Josh does everyone get ready whoa oh my gosh all right everyone ready
on the count of 3 2 1 go whoa Wow Wow wait whose bottle is that right this
one’s still good Caleb Caleb wins wait no way let me look
at this little thing I don’t believe this no way can’t this one account after
all this alright yours was the highest rocket guys Caleb just won today’s
challenge yeah yeah I mean yours good even my design it was laughable but Ike
that Josh Josh how is this possible how did caleb is well as you know this
always happens to him beat somehow finds a stupid loophole or something and gets
really lucky I gotta hand it to him he did have the highest rocket all in the
tiebreaker round and it even hits the net which is pretty impressive and and
we’re doing basketball coke and mentos on my channel yeah guys this is super
crazy Josh thank you so much for letting me come out we’re filming a video on
josh’s channel make sure to check that out it’s already live right now on his
channel go watch it right now we’ll see you guys on the next log peace spy
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