Best ALL time Team SIMULATION IN NBA2K18!!!

what is up guys it is halftime and I have my first ever simulation of 2k 18 and this time it is with the all-time and bikini now if you can't just put this in recently this year so I'm going to simulated I picked this 16 that seems ever and as you see their rosters are the best players ever from their franchise on the team so it's basically anybody Quinn these teams are filled with MVPs NBA fires winners anything you can think of just the best teams ever make your predictions right now I don't make it more fun but you guys see all the rosters we're gonna get into the simulation here in a second round number one you guys see the playoff picture let's get into it and we've already got a sweetness coming from the old-time Detroit Pistons theme beating the all-time Washington Wizards in four games you see Isiah Thomas won't get the goat but it doesn't matter the all-time Detroit Pistons teams are the first and move on and they advance sweeping and the number one seed of the West all time Lakers theme they're gonna sweep looks like there's no surprise here the all-time Dallas Mavericks this is gonna get it done here in the all time Lakers advanced winning it for now it is the New York Knicks how about that they go up against all times six or semen we'll get Patrick Ewing no sportsmanship dunking all over dr. J but Allen Iverson ball short year and the New York Knicks win this series in five and they advance the Boston Celtics all-time team who are the number one team on the West are gonna get it done here Larry Bird with more seconds gonna put up a layup and he's gonna get it but it doesn't matter there are no close games yet but the subjects winning five but in the all-time Hawks team there's really no surprise right there now in Portland were the Golden State Warriors lead this series 3-2 they're up 107 104 they have the boat with 36 seconds they can win this series here or can the Portland Trailblazers for eight Game seven klay Thompson the Chris Mullin bang oh my goodness Chris Mullin that's the dagger now that is it the Trailblazers can't force a game number seven the all-time Warriors team is gonna get it done here in game number six winning 114 or 106 this all-time warriors theme might be a little bit of a Cinderella story now the Houston Rockets are down by one they lead this series treated to a game-winner here sends them to the second round for great delight will Panther McGrady corner for us to give to Yahoo me and he puts it in time at OKC 34 seconds down by one they need to force a game seven also Westbrook 31 seconds ago here's the Gary Payton well so much has a ballgame spin move back down to Allen puts up a three foot city twenty five point six seconds to go timeout Houston what a shot from reality it looks like the Rockets are gonna lose here unless they get something right now James Harden spinner puts it up the jump shot no good rebound by Shawn Kemp and that shouldn't most likely do it Kevin Durant has to make some free throws to end it here now Katie at the line but only misses the first the game is not over yet the Thunder are not going to seven yet the Rockets have one more chance 106 109 14 seconds Yao Ming inbounding the ball can they force overtime the crowd is on their feet here comes the Rockets Clyde Drexler turned the ball over and that's gonna do it we got game number 7 this series is links the crowd is excited and in game number 7 Gary pains at the line of 89-86 and Gary baby puts in the free-throw how about this the Thunder are really coming back they win a close game 6 and they come into game 7 in Houston and the all-time OKC Thunder advance how about that in a game seven worth of Miami Heat are gonna offset the old-time Chicago Bulls are you serious right now the number two seed Chicago Bulls are losing to the old-time Miami Heat this is crazy remember this is simulated by 2k Wow Heat win seven second round two all-time teams don't lick your thunder warriors teams subjects Knicks Pistons he who is moving on the second round starts up with their Lakers are gonna beat the OKC Thunder in five games the whole time Lakers others too nice and they are going to win the series in five games OKC stole one but nonetheless the Lakers advanced the coffee farmers in Sacramento where the Warriors lead by three they are trying to win this series here and close it out in six pages throw y'all image of the all-time Sacramento Kings has the ball with 13 second mitchrichman hazard Oh tipped in the air Webber Oh what is going on Robert sit down Lucas Roberson guard by curry puts on three I'll throw him in out and that is gonna do it step in Curry in the Golden State Warriors and fans beating the Sacramento team's all-time team in six games so we're gonna get our Lakers first warriors Conference Finals that should be interesting in Miami with 19 seconds ago the Heat lead by two Pistons on the phone trying to force a game seven Isiah Thomas getting clamped up with 13 seconds ago Isiah Thomas pulling the boat nowhere to go all isolation six seconds they need to force overtime Isiah behind the back put some Florida won't go Chris Bosh with the rebound and this is I don't even know this is upset Cinderella story but to Wayne wait is putting away the Detroit Pistons all-time teams in the Miami Heat all-time are advancing to the Conference Finals and we got big upset we're Carmelo and then he is putting away the Boston Celtics I thought the Celtics would go to the finals the Knicks had other played in a game seven it went to seven yes the new cook things get it done so the coverage – matchups are set this is gonna be fun the two teams from each conference though the Lakers Warriors next heat whose it facing to the MP funds [Applause] the all-time Lakers are gonna sweep the all-time warriors the Lakers have only lost one game in this playoff simulation so far and they're doing the all-time NBA Finals in my video the Lakers went in for beating the Warriors in the Eastern Conference championship 32 seconds ago he have the ball 98 98 one game away facing to the ship LeBron James get into D Wade in New York crowd on their feet chanting defense Chris bought in the paint puts up a floater gets it and the foul Chris Bosh that is how clutch he is Chris Bosh puts it in the free throw three-point game do your timeout 21 seconds ago they need a miracle wellö invented the petrel you got your earring try to get past Alonzo Mourning and he does he gets the layup 13 seconds ago down by one they need a foul here and they're gonna foul Timothy all the way at the line quick fitting three-point game mix one that shot they call a timeout one fourteen point nine seconds this is for their season mellow inbounding the ball he gives it up the Frasier the Houston bunch of a three in and out it doesn't get any closer than that in the all-time by any Heat team with the bran D Wade Chris Bosh Alonzo Mourning game painting advance to the NBA Finals two teams remaining lickers Miami I expected the Lakers to get here did not expect the mine you need to do it but this is what it all comes down to make your predictions now Game one goes to LA in to LA Game three LA and a game for the Miami Heat take it Game five it is all over the music is planning Shaquille O'Neal Kareem abdul-jabbar's Kobe Bryant Magic Johnson this team is insane and they are going to win the NBA championship in my simulation the all-time Los Angeles Lakers get it done winning the series in five give credit to the Miami Heat no one expected them to be there and maybe you did if you have them in your predictions I don't know you can let me know but the MVP is Magic Johnson that is going to do it thank guys for watching this video appreciate all the support haven't been active recently I'm sorry for that but I will try to be most definitely soon is your boy halftime and we are you