Beach Tennis BACKHAND tip, training drill and exercise by Antomi Ramos

Antomi Could you please explain how do you play backhand? And what somebody needs to do in order to have a good backhand? It’s simply the similar shot as forehand, where your elbow has to be in the front of the upper body. Without having the racket behind your body, always in the front of your eyes And as much as possible you need to hit the ball in the front of yourself and shoulder height This shot should be performed by whole body, not only from the hand. Simply speaking, first has to move upper body than the arm, in the same time the left hand moves back. The exercise that helped me a lot during this year was in gym with elastic band. This movement for backhand and also forehand, and also with weight After those exercises there are obviously changes in a strength and speed. Very good Antomi Ramos is going to recommend one exercise that all of you guys can include in your training system. and develop backhand shot. It is very important to polish the technique Let’s to next: keeping the ball in the game by backhand shot , and also you can do that with forehand. You can make your own goals like 20-30 times… Thank you Antomi for your time and wish to share with us useful tips about backhand shot that can help to all level players from beginners up to professionals and youth players as well Thank you