Baumanis: Story of an Outdoor Photographer

Fashion photographer once said: “Anyone can photograph nature” “You just have to wait for the right light!” I disagree. In my opinion, there’s more to that than meets the eye. Nature is always in motion and you have to chase it. Be in the right place at the right time and then you can witness a spectacular show, played only for an audience of one. Adventures are to be found only in faraway lands and on tourist paths. Or so I thought until I discovered that good times can often be had amongst the vast forests of Latvia where there’s no-one around and the nature is all mine to enjoy. But that doesn’t mean I can be careless with it. The woods are mine only for a brief moment and when I’m gone, they again belong to everyone else and I have the responsibility to leave the way I found them. Driven by curiosity, weather or inspired by a random quote I study maps and look for places I haven’t been to and go explore them! Photos tell stories. The best stories are the ones that spark emotions and extend the scene in the viewer’s mind. If my stories inspire the audience to purse their own adventures then my job here is done! My name is Filips Baumanis and I’m an outdoor photographer.