BATMAN ROACH SAVES THE DAY!! | Roach Plays Fortnite (The Squad Animation)

– Fortnite needs a hero. Fortnite needs justice. Justice is Bathroach, feeling badass with his bad axe. This bus killed my parents. Aah, BATROACH!! You know I’m still alive honey. Well Roaches, it’s that
time of year again. It’s Halloween season. – [Narrator] We wanna take a quick moment to thank our sponsor, Dauntless. Dauntless is an awesome
free-to-play action RPG monster hunting game available
on PS4, Xbox, and PC, via the Epic Games store. It’s got multiplayer co-op
and is completely cross play. They’ve got a new update
called the Dauntless Aether. Play as a slayer, an elite warrior risking his life hunting
the threat of the behemoths. (grunting) – Wow. This is so cool. (dramatic music) Stay with me Roaches, Gotham needs me. Me and all these other
Batman who are gonna drop in and have some fun. Silent but deadly. Give me that zapper trap. (guns firing) A back alley brawl. But, I hate alleyways. Sure are a lot of traps in this house. This isn’t good. Slurp juice is even
corrupting Gotham City. I’ll just set up here so I
can get my chest in peace. You are not a superhero unless you destroy millions of dollars in property. (gun banging) Splash me baby. (gun clicking) This is weird. I’ve usually gotten three
or four kills by now. Well hello. (gun zapping) I spoke too soon, Batroach does kill. But only when he needs too, or wants too, or if people just get in my way. ♪ Everybody was slurping, slurping USA ♪ (upbeat music) Sleeping is for losers,
Batroach never sleeps. Batroach 101, you can’t
call yourself the night if you go home to a comfy bed. (dramatic music) Who needs that chest, I
just broke it wide open. Evil at my window. The view from up here is amazing. Let’s fly. Bad guys, it’s the Riddler. No, it’s just some guy. You can’t hide from the Batroach. An imposter Batroach,
there can be only one. I see you. Time to get down and dirty and dance. Dance themself to death. A launch pad, some
grenades, some more traps, some ammo, Gotham is full
of all kinds of goodies. My stormie senses are tingling. Wait, is that the right franchise? I’m late for a date with Lois Lane. Hang on, that’s not the right hero either. Well, now that we’ve cleared
out Gotham, now it’s time to go out and clean up
the rest of this island. There’s a whole lotta
action going on right now. You know where else
there’s a lot of action? Dauntless. There’s over 15 million
people playing already. There’s a brand new pass
called Way of the Fist, and new weapons like Aether Strikers. Dauntless is coming to the Nintendo Switch in December as well, so
make sure to use the link in the description below
to download Dauntless for free today. That explosion sure is pretty. You know all frozen and stuff. I spy with my little bad
eyes, blind as a bat, more like not blind at
all, I’m related to Captain Accuracy, yar, lost both of me eyes now. Get down from there. Oh boy Roaches, I’m really in it now. Where’s Alfred when you need him? Too many contenders,
kiss my fat ass suckers. Woo hoo. A chest that’s already
been opened, just my luck. Nice try whoever you
are, but my expensively cheap wood will stop these bullets. Too close for comfort. The bat signal, that means
someone needs to be roached. My bat face, that one really stung. You guys hear something? Batroach’s one weakness, atomic missiles. She’s running right for me. Oh no, bullets, my only other weakness. Take that you, you wall. Sure are a lot of criminals out here. Ouch, oh god. My wall, it’s taking a lot of damage. Could this be the end of Batroach? Tune in next week to, wait, what’s that? This is a limited event? Well we’ll have to find out right now. (dramatic music) You backed right into my bullets. But there’s no time to
celebrate, I’m being assailed. Ah yes, Batroach’s
premium weapon of choice. The rocket launcher. Batroach lives here now. In the safety of my brick house. Shout out again to Dauntless
for sponsoring this video. Don’t forget to check the
link in the description. The game is free, fun, and full of action. And there’s a new update
available with cool new weapons and you can hunt monsters with your friends online, put
your skills to the test against the most dangerous behemoths. Climb your way up the leader board. Dauntless, available on PS4, Xbox, and PC via the Epic Games store. Where is everyone, I didn’t
spend three hours putting this crazy costume on and
spend two months doing voice over training to sound like this, just to not roach anyone. (gun firing) Wait, I hear footsteps. Do they know I’m here? Run for it. I know he’s here, just gotta wait. We’re cutting it close. Here comes Batroach. He’s running, don’t let him escape. (gun firing) The storms right on my back,
come on Batroach, do something. Oh no. Aw man, I tripped on my
cape, it’s not fair, Roaches, it’s not fair, Batroach
should be invincible. Not really the spooky
start to my Halloween games I was hoping, but stay
tuned, maybe since I’ve been having such bad luck
at Fortnite I’ll switch to some other games, you
know, like Five Nights at Freddy’s, or Friday
the 13th, lotta f’s. I’ll look down the list,
until next time Roaches, Fortnite! (upbeat music)