Bae Escapes Before Team Bonding Goes Left | Black Ink Crew

It’s a long drop. Oh, hell no!
I’m gonna break
my (bleep) legs. Hi! Hi! Where’s she going? She’s crazy. Bae, you’re in Harlem.
You cannot be
at people’s windows. If you’re not gonna
open it, I’m gonna
open it myself! (Rock)
Oh, (bleep), she bugging! Bae is a (bleep) bugout. Climbing in somebody’s
window in New York City, you definitely
asking for it. Excuse me!
I need to get to my son! This bitch is crazy. Get out of my house! Please, I’m locked in! I just need to
get through your door! I’m Niko’s mother, hi! I don’t know who that is! Bae! Bae! (Bae)
(bleep) this (bleep) so Puma could have
this bonding moment. I need to go see my son.
Bye, suckers, I’m out! Bae just broke
into somebody’s apartment! What?! Where she at? She went through
somebody’s bedroom. Did you just say
that Bae escaped? Listen, she knocked
on the window, opened it, and the dude came
to the window, like
“Get out of my house.” She fought him and… She went into
somebody’s apartment. Are you serious
right now? She’s the Korean
Harriet Tubman.
She figured it out. (Donna)
Bae is a lucky-ass
bitch right now. And you were very wrong
to try to keep her. Yeah, you holding us
hostage right now. I’m not holding
y’all hostage! Yeah, you are. (London)
Feeling claustrophobic.
It’s (bleep) in here. Me too.
I’m feeling trapped. When Ceaser comes back
to open the gate– Which is when?
When is he coming back? Tomorrow! In the morning! I’m saying,
I’m still– Why is she
talking so much? Did I say something
that triggered you? No, it’s just
every time I look
at you, you’re talking. I’m just saying irritated. Okay, Donna. Call Ceas.
Tell him we gotta go. He probably will
just let me out. You talking a lot. Everybody’s talking though. Ooh! (bleep) Say what?
What I miss? All righty. I have way too much (bleep)
going on in my life, but being locked
in this room with her is really bringing
that (bleep) back. There’s a way you come in here
as a new person, and that’s humbly
and respectfully. But I know her type,
and she’s cocky. ‘Cause y’all
have no idea! The new people–
y’all got it easy! Y’all got no idea. (Puma)
What happened just now? Must humble yourself. Donna, be nice. I’m being nice. Here we go again. I don’t know why women
always do this (bleep). They always threatened
when there’s a new
pretty girl in the show. Its like I don’t wanna
feel like that,
but I do feel like that. So chill
the (bleep) out, okay? (Puma)
Donna, team building.
Come on, everybody! This is
a (bleep) sorority? Well, we got a sisterhood,
and you don’t
just join (bleep). Donna really thinks that
she can dominate us newbies into submission. Like, I’m tired of dealing
with all her fifth grade
bull(bleep). (Puma)
Krystal, watch your harem. You look like you about
to fight somebody. ‘Cause it’s (bleep)
hot in here! You got us in here with
no AC with the doors locked. She’s gonna bug out
in a second. I don’t it to be like, “Oh, every bitch that
comes in, you gotta fight.” But if you know me, you know
I’m not gonna let it go. Ugh! So who wanna fight? Y’all two fight!
Winner stays! Okay. Who wanna fight? No, for real,
who wanna fight? One thing I learned
in the Bronx is that you gotta
stand up to the bully or they gonna keep on
with their bull(bleep). Who wanna fight?
(bleep) don’t press me. Who wanna fight? She’s gone crazy. Like, I said,
who wanna fight? Yo, Krystal needs to chill
the (bleep) out. First of all, we’re all
locked in here together, and this is not a game
you wanna play right now. Krystal, calm
your (bleep) down! (overlapping shouting
and cursing) This bitch is (bleep)
loony toons. Krystal goes from zero
to crazy like this. And honestly, she know
what’s good for her, she’s gonna
back the (bleep) up. All right, so hit me. (Walt)
What is happening?! Why y’all standing up? Well, if you want it
to be about you,
it can be about you. ‘Cause you got it easy
coming in too. I wasn’t here
when you got hired, so (bleep) might’ve
been different. Okay, (bleep) getting
thrown out there. (bleep) getting
thrown out there. (overlapping shouting
and cursing)