-Vilmar Oliveira? -Yes.
-Let’s go. -What? Where?
-I’m from the Olympic Committee you were chosen to represent
Brazil on Badminton. -What?
-Here’s your racket. Wait, what is
this Badminton? Right. I’ve never heard of it. An Olympic sport,
all I know is there’s a racket. What do I do with this? Nobody knows, but the IOC set
a game for today, let’s go. -Today?
-At 4 PM. -But it’s 2 PM.
-Are you ready? I don’t even know
what to bring. Bring socks, shoes, shorts,
trunks, volley ball, baseball bat, the racket,
your mom and we’ll see what works. -Who will I play against?
-The Chinese, obviously. Ok, wait. -Honey!
-Yes. I’m leaving. -Where to?
-Badminton. -Wait, I’ll need a ride.
-Let’s go. Done, I got
the female team too. That’s right, Evaristo, and I’m here with
Vilmar Oliveira, the Brazilian
Badminton player who won over
Norway today. -Did I win?
-2-0, 21-15, 21-19. How was the victory? Holy shit!
I was there, and I thought it was the time,
but it was the score. I won. Are you prepared
for tomorrow’s match? What is tomorrow?
Badminton? No, tomorrow
is grass Hockey. No, I… Well, we’ll be
there, Evaristo.