Badminton Smash Skill (6) How to Add Extra Power (Fully Stop and Restart)

Next point is how to gain extra power 5%-10% in same way, you have to completely stop and then restart. ok, if you do your smash nothing changes but change the stop and then hit 5%-10% harder, watch this ok, this is right way what I mean, little bit high please when I set, I completely stopped, until I saw shuttle set, bang set, bang set, bang so I stopped, but some players they move little bit this is not the right way so, my racket is continously moving no, you have to stop quickly, stop you are holding, but you are also holding your opponent if you do it stop, bang stop bang and you can create lots of power lets say, watch this, shuttle is there, I stop stop higher, stop higher, stop stop I can’t do it if I move it compare, stop first immediately if you stop earlier, if you stop longer more deceptive, more powerful same, smash stop stop stop stop stop