Badminton: How To Do Overhead Feeding?

Do like that Not like this Can you tell the difference? Great guys, so For some exercises you are going to need Overhead feeding to like, simulate a smash Or a drop or anything from the back of the court And, to do that you gonna have to get a little advanced Today we have Mads And Mads is going to show us some overhead feeding I’m gonna explain because my english is 😉 For starters, we are going to tell you To hold your forehand grip And the next thing you are going to rememeber Is that, you should only grab the shuttle with 3 fingers And this is from the hand you are holding the racket in so you are going to hold your Rabbit.. Rabbit.. You are going to hold your racket while having taking the shuttles with just 3 fingers like that And the last thing you are going to remember when you do the overhead feeding is You are going to do it all in one movement So you are going to grab the shuttle with the 3 fingers Throw it up in the air, and hit it! yes.. You look weird Yea, like that! And You should do like that Not like this. Not like this Can you tell the difference Nobody knows? The difference is, that Mads didn’t do it in one movement, he did it in 2 movements. And the problem with that is That the shuttle is getting harder to control Take a look once again Not like this Got it? GREAT!