Badminton Grip (Question 19)

Question 19 True or False? The grip should be completely loose just before the point of impact to generate more power. Question 19 – The answer is false I will explain why? this is nail, this is hammer you are nailing very sensitive, very expensive furniture so you have to nail very accurately watch my hands would you nail like that no you can’t because you will loose control you loose power, controlled power if you do that it may go too hard, it may go too weak or it may go wrong directions because you have loosen and gripping there in order you to nail accurately you have to have some power already there and then tap it accurate, power accurate but if you do that you can’t In badminton its same, no power in your grip is what power one like this you have to, just hanging there power 1 maximum grip for power attack in order to make accurate shot you have to have power 2 or power 3 already and then go for power 5 or power 10 watch this ok, can you go over there feed one by one I will do completely loose and hit it ya you lost control but, I will hold power 2 or power 3 and then hit it backhand also same watch this here, there ok now I will loose and grip loose, grip loose, grip loose, grip now I will have power 2 or 3 and then hit it look power 2 or 3 so, in a way its frustrating to see many players completely loose their grip and then grip again, they loose control same as you nail very expensive furniture, you would not do that ya, you will be doing that