Avoiding Sport Injuries Through Technology | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Each athlete is unique,
a puzzle composed of different qualities,
such as force, flexibility, power and velocity,
that determine performance. But how does an athlete
know their true state? Awareness is the first step
to improvement. (EXHAUSTIVE
PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS) There has never been as
much information available to athletes
as there is today. But the amount of data
can be useless without the correct
interpretation. P3 was founded on this idea
that we can be a lot smarter about how we cared
for elite athletes, that we can use technology
to get inside into how athletes’ bodies
are put together, how their systems are put
together. We use all types of
technologies, from biomechanics labs and medical labs
to understand our athletes. (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (SANTA BARBARA) (P3 TRAINING CENTER) Athletes from all over
the world travel to the Santa Barbara,
California, training centre, to take advantage of technology
such as motion capture, force platforms
and high-speed camera analysis, all to stay
a cut above the rest. (CUSTOM FORCE PLATES) The high-performance centre helps athletes discover their
boundaries, so coaches can
tailor training sessions to each athlete’s personal
what systems they use. Are they symmetric when they
jump? Do they have 30% more force going through
their left side? So we put athletes in
environments where we can test all the important systems
of their sport and quantify those systems. Training is centred
around the science of the nervous system’s
adaptation to stress – the idea is that improvements
in athleticism are actually due to changes in the way
the nervous system controls the muscular systems
involved in movement. Muscle growth does
not necessarily lead to running faster
or jumping higher. A key component
of nervous system training is the use of
high-intensity movements, combining force platforms
and motion analysis software to obtain neuromuscular
data for how athletes take advantage of different
muscles in their body, as well as their speed,
reaction time and weak points. Professionals at the centre
can compare the results to others with similar patterns
and help avoid future injuries by correcting body movements
before they cause a problem. What happens, after we collect
all this data on the athlete, what we do is we compare them
such as Orlando Johnson visit the centre
on a regular basis to stay in top form. They want to work on your
weaknesses, they make… Not…if they can be
your strengths, but to make them
a little better. So each summer I come here and
try to get a little bit better. If I have an injury or
something that’s nagging me, we can correct it here, so when
I go to play my next season I’m ready to go. We can compare him
to the 400 or so NBA athletes we’ve assessed
and we can say, “Look, compared
to your position, “you’re very good at this,
you’re very good at this, “you’re very bad at this. “This thing you do over here, “everyone who’s done that
has had a knee injury “within the next three years.” My ankles are pretty stiff, so we’re just really working
on that. Ever since I came in here,
we’re just working on mobility. So, the mobility has been my
biggest, I guess, hurdle for me in my profession. I just keep improving on that – which a lot of athletes, cos we don’t stretch that
often, but I’m trying to do a better job
now so I can have
a long and great career. Mobility training
differs from stretching in that it is
a full-body experience. Working sliding surfaces,
motor control and joints alike, mobility allows a person
to perform without limitations for a full range of motion
FEEDBACK (AND TO MEASURE PROGRESS) Everybody has an Achilles heel. But learning to properly
perform basic movements that are repeated on a daily
basis allows to strengthen
weak points before they become a problem. One thing I love about P3 is the technology that they
bring to the table. They show you how your body
moves. They not only show you how your body moves
but how it moves compared to other athletes. You see why guys are explosive, you see, you know, what
mechanics make a great athlete. And one thing I come here for
is, basically, to learn more about my body. You can go out
there, you can lift weights, you can throw them around,
but if you have bad form, bad posture,
that messes with your body, It takes its toll on your body,
on your back. And here they give you
proper form. Technology now is what’s
helping people play longer, become bigger, become faster, and that’s what it’s about if you’re trying to become
a top-notch athlete.