Athletic Performance Research Center | Marquette University

Well, I doesn’t look like much now, but this
is going to be a state of the art facility that’s going to draw national attention for
Marquette University. We see this facility as setting the standard
for athletic performance research, and I think the faculty between the two colleges of engineering
and health sciences enormously excited about the potentiality here to do just that. Our faculty already work together, and the
creation of such a facility gives us new opportunities that we haven’t seen before, and also the
opportunity to attract experts from really all over the world to do their science and
to look at rehabilitation in high-performance athletes. This will be a way to not only promote the
science of health and wellness but also to take a major step forward in learning about
injury prevention, not only among elite athletes, but all of us. This will be really at the forefront of understanding
the science of athletic performance. Ok, arms up. Ready, set, go. Good. So today we had some of the men’s basketball
players come in for some force play testing, where the come into our lab and perform a
couple different jumps for us, and we’re able to analyze their force and power outputs. So, the testing part of what we’re doing has
definitely become more and more important, because we go by the maxim that you can’t
manage what you don’t measure, and so if we want to measure performance, accumulated fatigue,
risk of injury, we need to have numbers to do that. Being a better athlete’s huge. It’s another
half of a game when we’re working with Todd every day just to be more explosive, to be
stronger, and just quicker every day. We have elite scientists on this campus, and
this building will be able to merge the two. The academic side will come together, the
athletic side will all be in the building, and our elite athletes will really benefit
from the scientific research that’s going on around the subject of athletic performance,
human performance. So it’s really a great opportunity for our athletes to get better.
It’s also a great opportunity for us to recruit student athletes to Marquette, because we’re
going to be able to show them the kinds of expertise that they’re going to benefit from
while they’re here. Some of the very exciting pieces about this
are having a new facility to do a lot of our testing in. We’re kind of confined by space
at the moment, and being able to do the testing in a facility that offers us the ability to
do it on-field, on on-court, on the track as opposed to in a small lab space. That would
be very exciting to us. I do think it will attract the best and the
brightest to Milwaukee, cause others to want to stay here I hope maybe some of our own
students coming out of the right disciplines. It will provide a great opportunity for them
to maybe think about staying. I think it will totally transform the corridor where it exists,
and just provide another vibrant area of downtown Milwaukee that I think is good for everybody. Research is really core to what we do as a
university. Universities are about discovering knowledge and disseminating knowledge. It
is that research that changes the way we educate, it informs the way we teach, it is what allows
us to really solve real-world problems, it is what allows us to attract outstanding faculty
and students to campus. It really is what allows us to make a difference, so the ability
to have something, a new facility like this, new programs to really elevate our research
program is really important to Marquette. And we see this as making a name for Marquette
on a national level, in terms of bringing in coaches, bringing in athletic trainers,
bringing in people from the discipline to learn from us, since it will be a cutting-edge,
state-of-the-art facility.