don't forget to hit the like button baby this is you now forget the past forget your plans this is now your life how are you going to work with it you are not your injury you have an injury but don't let it change you into it when you're injured physically you got injured emotionally it changes your lifestyle and therefore your way of thinking you then have to consider the reality that your life's taking quite a hit that's hard pride can make you and it can break you which fate is yours to decide are you gonna feel sorry for yourself or are you going to accept that you are going to get through this strength is not just physical it's emotional it's on multiple different levels one of which is to be mentally strong if you can bench 315 pounds but you can't work through a 2-week injury without falling off your horse you are very strong are you here's the hard part are you going to do what's best for you forget your routine but your plan for the year and all the different decisions that go with it forget the person that you were before you got hurt the things you did for fun the things you did as a hobby the things that you did to feel good you need to start adapting to the Who that you are now the old you is dead the you from before your injury is dead that person is gone the question is how are you going to rebuild the new you are you going to rush your body the only thing that you really own and value in this world are you going to rush it back to health if you rush art it doesn't end up as a masterpiece we all know this some things just cannot be rushed there's a process but if you take your time and you make every brush stroke count it becomes a masterpiece the artwork is not a blank canvas as it was before it's still a canvas it's just different from the canvas that it used to be