As melhores formações para Dream League Soccer 2018

Save more personal video to the channel, Today I decided to bring you the 3
best formations for Dream League Soccer, I know that many of you enjoy or have a
training that you like more to play, but I have a base here that
everyone has played with the 4-3-3, it is a standard training that
everybody plays with it, it’s from the beginning, so I decided to bring you here,
3 formations that is a little better than this, the first training that
I want to talk is 4-1-2-1-2, this formation is used more to play against
opponents who are a bit more aggressive, know those opponents who
put the team forward, so this training here is very good for
you who like to play with aerial balls, and you can be sure that you
will not lose a ball if you want, the second training is for people
who like triangulation, table or who likes to always leave
playing with the lowest balls … this training here is 352 … we can think that playing with
Three defenders will take great goals, but this field medium here will help
both in defense and attack, and this training here is one of the best
which I’ve seen in Dream League Soccer, you can try it and then
you tell me if I’m lying, I use it a lot when the opponent
has a very strong defense, So I decide to get the ball and
stay playing in the middle of the field even opening a breach in defense so that I
attack and put the ball into the goal, so I use it for this the next training I
I point out to you is 5-3-2, this training here,
because that I chose her … sometimes you are a player who
has a very strong attack, You are very good with attack.
but his defense misses a lot, you make five goals and in 3
minutes you are 7 goals fast, so I point out this training to you, she’s a bit of a pickle … but you play with her in the moderate that you will have so much strong attack
as a stronger defense still and you can pick it up and do it like this … You start playing with a
formation with stronger attack and then you’re switching between
one of strong attack and one of strong defense, You change like this, and you see.
What is best for you? that’s just it, if you like, let that like and until the next video
And abide with God I went