Aquaman vs Orm | Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Hey fishing It seems we both call down the lightning let us see use magic is stronger These are your Guardians children, this will be easier than I ever dreamed I admire your determination, but the Trident is mine to command wench Lantern I need information. We’re not going to win by hitting him as hard as we can Bro, do not turn this into a learning moment anything Um, he killed his own mother. Does that help? Cyborg I’m here Lantern said warm confessed to killing his mother. Yeah to us He lied to his people But you saw it and you know what that means? You killed her I did I ran the sword through my selfish Piece You can count yourself fortunate faster than at least our mother won’t be the impediment to your life that she was to mine You killed her Is this I ran the sword through my selfish? Kills our Queens we are betrayed no wait this deception is their surface magic Maya I was there when Orrin posted to the murder of our queen it was as you see I Am your Kenyon I did this for you Is this the King you want Atlanteans a coward who lies to you