Aprenda a Fazer o gol do meio campo no Dream League Soccer 2018

Hi everyone, I’m Willian Silva.
and you’re on my channel. For the guys who love Dream League Soccer
I created a playlist with all videos of tutorials it will appear there on the cards. Now let’s go to the video. Today I will teach you how to
make that midfield goal, let’s say the goal that Pele did not do. The first tip is that if the goalkeeper has his skills from 60 to 80 will help a lot. Furthermore, even if the goalkeeper has
his skills in the 100’s to make the goal, but remembering that you will have to be very fast, I got to do 3 goals in a single game and it was not only 1 time is not that it is very easy even, the easiest way is
when the goalkeeper catches the ball or defend a ball and not
let her leave the corner. In Replacement Goalkeeper
It goes right up there. kick for the midfield
and is well advanced, the only thing you will have
What to do is to ball the ball. playing for one of his mates and then kick. Look if the goalkeeper charges goal kick
it’s much harder to do, Good thing is when he defends her.
without letting go to the bottom line But if it’s a goal shot from the left
try to play the ball on the right and vice versa. And the button you will use will be button (A), you can load the entire force bar. Now it’s up to you, train hard enough that
you will be able to make that goal easily. I hope this tutorial
help you in some way. Remembering that if you liked it
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what have you watched so far and be still with God.