Antomi Ramos Beach Tennis player – Shark Sport interview about Beach Tennis – 1st part

Today, with me here is Antomi Ramos The best player of Spain, he has the best ITF ranking with present 8th position on ITF list. Great success. Welcome. Thank you. Today we are going to talk a bit about Antomi, as well how he sees progress of Beach Tennis in the World and in Spain as well and also he will give us a few exercises which will help you to become a better player. Antomi how do you see development of World Beach Tennis? Is there an option to have Beach Tennis at Olympics? Is there opportunity to do something more? Today, it’s true Beach Tennis is progressing. There is constantly increasing number of countries and quality of the game always increases Olympics… I am not sure, because Beach Tennis needs very good sponsor who will help in developing good ITF tour, more professional. Also to become Olympic sport we need Paralympics, because if you want one sport to become part of Olympics The true is that there are not many players with physical disabilities in Beach Tennis In Beach Volleyball there are many and I think if Beach Tennis develops that part than will be more possible to become Olympic sport. It’s very easy, because there are already sport facilities from Beach Volleyball There is nothing new that you have to built. Nothing new. There is something already prepared, only you have to put lower the net and you can play. I think that there is not such a cost around that part of story. According to new ITF rules it’s possible to see that there are tournaments of 15 000$, 25 000$ The tournament in Kazan is going to be tournament of 50 000$ The biggest tournament in the World I think that idea of ITF with new prize money system is good. What do you think? It’s true that ITF changed the rules according to ranking and organizers. And it’s true that ITF made very good step, because I think that there are sponsors who would always like to make better tournaments. And now, you can organize the biggest tournament with 50 000$. Before, there were possibilities to organize tournaments up to 7 500$. That was a good option for the sponsors to promote themselves. Now if they want to organize the best “prize money” tournament there is only option with 50 000$. And I think that is the step forward for this sport, to professionalize it.