American Soccer’s Gender Wage Gap: The Daily Show

Let’s talk
about women soccer players. They’re the big stars
in the States, with all the money
and the glory of the men. Well, except for the money part,
as Hasan Minhaj reports. MINHAJ:Superstar athletes
have the life.
We’re talking cars, jets.Even their pet albino tigers
get cars.
But not all pro athletes
are happy with the big bucks.
In fact, the women’s soccer
team is taking legal action
because they want more!Players on the U.S. women’s
national soccer team saythey’re being discriminated
against because they make less
than members of the men’s team.REPORTER:
Filed a federal complaint
the U.S. Soccer Federation.
I sat down with three members
of the U.S. women’s soccer teamto find out
why they’re being so greedy.
We’re not being greedy. We’re
just fighting for what’s right. Our contributions
to the federation should be seen as equal
to what the men have done. Fine. Whatever.
But you need to understand that the men made it to the
round of 16 in the World Cup. Well, we’ve won
three World Cups. Well, they are ranked 30th
in the world. We’re ranked number one. Um, they play with so much… passion. We have
four Olympic gold medals.Humblebrags. Okay.But how much less
could their pay possibly be?
If we win a match,
we get $1,300. -The men,
they get around $17,000. -Whoa. If the men’s team loses,
they make $5,000. Five Gs if you lose! Could you imagine
having that much money? Can’t really imagine it because we don’t get paid
anything if we lose. Maybe that’s why you guys
don’t lose. Silver lining. (bleep) kidding me? Why don’t you guys
just pick up second jobs? Uber driving.
After your guys’ games, surge pricing
will definitely be high. Boom. You’re driving fans home
at 1.5, maybe 2, 3x. We don’t have time
to go be an Uber driver. We put in our time to win
gold medals for this team.While
the U.S. Soccer Federation
has their own interpretation
of the pay differences,
the bottom line is
the women want them
to level the playing field.Oh, and they also want themto literally level
the playing field.
They’re constantly forced
to play on Astroturf,
even at the World Cup,
something that the men’s team
has never had to do.-They don’t play on turf?
-Not one game.Others would argue
that the women’s soccer team
should be grateful
just to play.
Like Gavin McInnes.Sure, he looks
like an art school dropout
with a Shins cover band,
but he has his own show
and is aFox Newscontributor.Women do earn less in America
because they choose to.Yep, not surprisingly,
he thinks the women’s lawsuit
is a waste of time.Men’s soccer has been getting
ten times the eyeballs.You know what, I’m gonna let
the ladies handle this one.
-Well, we actually broke
the record -Yeah. for the most watched soccer game
in the history of America between men or women. You’re playing a man’s game,
by a man’s rules. This is the way it is
in our world. You got to earn it. No, we’ve brought in, what, 17 million this past year. The men lost $2 million
in profit for the federation
this last year. U.S. men’s soccer still gets
a lot more enthusiasm. Now, why is that?
Is that because men’s soccer is more
interesting, more exciting?Gavin, you’re down two-nothing.You know what,
let me try to help you.
three U.S. men’s soccer players. Current, we have Bobby Daniels.Bobby Daniels.
Okay, let’s check the list.
Nope. Not a player.Zigler Norris.Also not a player.And a guy we…
known to everyone as Junebug.Come on, man. If you’re gonna
make up fake names,
do better than Junebug.If lunatics like this
are against the women,
who’s on their side?-Billie Jean King.
-100%. I mean, she’s done so much
for women’s sports. Who is that? Tennis player. I don’t… I don’t… REPORTER:
Tennis star Billie Jean King
has long been campaigning
for women’s rights.
Turns out Billie Jean King
is a badass tennis player
but also she paved the way
for equal pay in tennis
when she defeated Bobby Riggs
in the 1973 Battle
of the Sexes.
Let me get this straight,all you did was defeat a man, and now you have equal pay
in tennis. Problem solved. (chuckles)
It wasn’t easy peasy, man. -When I played Bobby Riggs,
-Mm-hmm. that was about social change. Our ratio of prize money
was about eight-to-one, and I think the women’s soccer
is four-to-one. -And I know what you’re gonna
say. “Improvement.” -Progress. -Yeah.
-Improvement’s not enough. We’re supposed to be so happy
if we get one crumb. “Oh, thank you.
I’m so grateful.” -You’re welcome.
-We deserve the cake, the icing, and the cherry on top, too,
just like the boys. So let’s put some cleats on you,
you play the men, and let’s get them ladies paid. You’re missing the point. Okay.Iwill play the women. Do you honestly think
you can keep up with the women’s soccer players?
Seriously? ♪ ♪We will do a battle
of the sexes, BJK-style,
because it worked for tennis. -No.
-No. We’d crush you. Bobby Riggs was a champion
in his sport. We didn’t even know who you were
until today. Um, I’ve played two years
of AYSO.I was in the fourth grade.And I have also won trophiesfor effort. This is definitely
a different level than that.Okay, fine, so the battle
of the sexes is a bad idea.
What else can we do?KING:People have
to get to know us.
So we need
to really get behind women, get behind them with money,
exposure, give ’em more commercials. MINHAJ:
A commercial! Yes.
I can see it now.♪ ♪ WOMAN:
You can defy the odds.
SOLO:I became one of
the best players in the world
at the age of 17. WOMAN:
You can be great.
I scored a game-winning PK
in a World Cup.You can make history.We won three World Cups
and four Olympic gold medals.You can aspire to be less than.-(whispers):Less than.
-Wait. What did you say?You can be just as good
as any other person,
as long as that person
doesn’t have a penis.
-(whispers):A penis.
-Are you kidding me? And for all that hard work,
you can make four times less than a man. I don’t think so. ♪ ♪Youcantreat us equally.Youcangive us grass
to play on.
You can pay us what we deserve.