Air Cannon | Design Squad

I’m Nate from Design Squad,
and I’m here with: We’re making air cannons. KIDS:
Oh…! This version of the air cannon
uses a plastic bag to hold some air. SHANE: It’s a cup that
we duct-taped a bag around, and when you put a pompom
in the hole, the pompom will block the hole, and then when you
squeeze the bag, it’ll push air out of the hole. When that pressure gets
behind the projectile, poof! Boom! Mia’s got a nice, simple version
of the air cannon setup. Just a plastic bottle. To make the pompom come out,
you need pressure. And to make the pressure,
you pound it. (all laughing) This air cannon is made
from a juice box. We put tape over on this end
to seal it up so air won’t escape there, and then we punched a hole here
where there’s a pompom. And then you stomp on it. I’m going to try to catch
the pompom after I launch it. No! I got it! NATE: This version of the air
cannon uses a plastic bottle with the back end cut off. Over the back end is stretched
a piece of a balloon. So that creates
the pressure wave when Camille pulls back
the balloon and lets it snap forward. This is a bag. The bag is loaded
with a bunch of pompoms that will all come out
in one blast. (laughing) NATE:
That was amazing! We’re using our air cannons to try to get our pompoms
into the bucket. NATE:
Close. Oh! (chuckling) SHANE:
Yeah! Instructions to make
your own air cannon are on the Design Squad website. Yeah!