AFTERSHOCK LEONA CAN CARRY BOT LANE?! – League of Pride – Leona Support – League of Legends

it's day two of our seven-day pride series and that means we have to play something orange and there's nothing more orange than the Sun other than like actual oranges but no winning League uses oranges damn it but we already made the thumbnail so come on Leona we got some supportin to do Oh God oh we going oh we going yeah yeah yeah what do you guys want what you gonna do Oh what are you people gonna do huh I got oh my name is Tiger that of course is Lola and we are back with another League of Legends video but once again this is not just any League of Legends video this is the second video in my Pride Week series we did read yesterday which was the Wladimir video and now we're on orange and so we're playing of course Leona which to be honest I didn't really realize just how silver the skin was but it's solar eclipse the ona and you can actually see though it does get very very orange when you want it to like this so see we are very orange in fact so for this series we are of course doing rosey BIV every color of will not every color of the rainbow but you get it like the red orange the yellow we're doing it day by day so we'll have a really solid rainbow playlist for Pride Month I'm on my channel which should be pretty cool but we are playing Leona in the support role for the orange video in terms of who we've got on these teams up in the top play we've got an allow a versus a tahm Kench in the jungle we've got via versus kindred annie versus Lux in the mid lane and then we've got Lucian Leona versus Vayne and Brom in terms of my runes very standard stuff aftershock font of life bone plating and overgrowth with biscuit delivery and approach velocity with a bit of a national CDR armor and magic resistance so I'm feeling pretty good Leona is a champion that I played pretty frequently um I really like her just strictly because of how much engage potential she has and when you're playing with somebody like a Lucian we can actually be incredibly aggressive but you know on the same token we've got people like a vein braum who can also be pretty damn aggressive so we're gonna have to play this pretty carefully um I think that Lucian and Leona it easily beats vena Brom in the early game just because Lucian does have those double attacks but Vayne is running press the attack so I'm thinking either level 2 or level 3 oh and he gets it with the Auto Attack or reset that's throw the owner mechanics right here professional professional game play so with Leona of course of if you didn't see that your cue of course is an auto attack reset so all you really have to do get one auto attack off use your Q and then auto attack one more time and then you're actually good to go okay so they actually hit level two first which was kind of surprising oh there's the flash okay sweet well there it is there it is run away no trigger run away there's the stun dammit man we got completely blocked by the minions there I have no idea why that was the case we got a pretty good engage onto the vein I'm so luckily we did get first blood that should have been a very easy kill on the broad but I actually ran out of mana so I couldn't even get my ear off to get that last auto attack and we got completely by the minions we just I was just standing there watching like have a good day Brum oh my god I can't believe we both got minion blog-like that's what sucks like it's not even that just like one of us got many blocks like we both got minion blocked on that one okay so so far so good we got everything actually out of them so we can actually hopefully get a by gang um early into the game because we I think we've got the advantage here because my ignites gonna come up in just like a minute and a half we could Rob ibly go aggro again but the main still doing a decent job at last hitting but the wave is now pushing into us so we should feel pretty good about that and also tahm Kench died something the one thing that I can talk about here is that they have a tahm Kench which I don't know if you guys have heard the news of the cons down the grapevine lately but um tahm Kench is one of those champions that it's just an absolute piece of hot garbage he is so damn strong it's absolutely insane but that guy can do with very very few items um he does so much damage he's got so much kite ability and he's so insanely tanky so we've definitely got to watch out for that the lucky thing is that I did bring the ignite so he's not gonna heal for as much as he would if I went exhaust um but I definitely don't want to engage until I have my knight backup and we've also got to try to stop these kindred marks but I'm trying to think maybe they've got too much of a minion advantage right now okay that actually wasn't that bad okay I think they know right I don't know which way is vai wants to go I'm very confused I'm very confused like how are you gonna get in here I don't know what's happening go around go around please just go around I don't know what this is so awkward can we just check that bush maybe see if it's warded it's not worded like they're currently just giving up a lot which I'm like I'm not complaining about but it they all of a sudden like completely change their style of play which is really really awkward cuz like they were being pretty aggressive right there and then our vibe was right here but they don't have a ward there because I've got it pink warded so our vicam in there and then they just like completely stop doing anything that showed any sign of aggression that was really really weird it was like they didn't know that she was there but I don't know how they would know that she was there questions for a later day and preferably when I have a sweeper because maybe they're just warding in kind of weird places oh this is anti good Oh start chugging oh you're probably dead anyways man I tried my best okay so that's really unfortunate they do have a crap ton of damage especially when the kindred and the vein are hitting you I'm gonna get a ward over in this dragon pit I think they're gonna be able to get that mark so that's at least a piece of good news but yeah if the Brom gets in like it's just so easy for them to proc that Brahm passive so we've got to be a little bit wary of that I'm just gonna try to get as much CS as possible with that sin with eleven brahms only sitting there with eight how pathetic you call yourself a muscular mustachioed gentleman nice sir I'm sorry buddy he's gonna die again man this kindred is just 11 the bot lane huh not much else that we can do it was a pretty good engage I've got to say I'm not unhappy with the engage but unfortunately the the kid root was once again just right there which makes it very very difficult for us we did get to heal out of the vein so that's something that we can look at as being a piece of good news but considering that we got first blood I'm not really loving how this lane is going now cuz we had such an advantage and now we just kind of don't okay I'm just gonna clear that up and then I'm probably just gonna go be here now like you know what I probably shouldn't I should actually use my actually no I am I am I'm just gonna go be oh here's why come on we actually we're not even gonna be able to get in on this man that is so frustrating god damn I really thought that we had a perfect play there um the Brom did use his flash so I mean that's something but man I really thought that we're gonna be able to get something out of that I've got 1,200 gold so I I really want to be out okay yeah I'm just gonna go be I just don't think the disappoint me staying but by getting a kill on to the ante that is good I really wanna so I actually love ice-born gauntlet on Leona I actually just find them insanely good but I'm actually thinking let's do this first and then look just to maybe that yeah it sounds okay and it's also pick up another one of these why not but okay looks like the team's actually doing really well six to two where zero zero and two the main thing right now is I think just kind of like holding on to bot lane we did lose a couple of those fights Oh tea tastes so good right now um we lost a couple of the fights which is less than ideal but I think as long as we kind of keep the vein generally in check like just don't like beat our asses off we could be okay um I don't know if this vein is gonna have her ultimate backup she probably will but mine did just come up and I know Brom probably has his ultimate so I don't really want to fight cuz I think we are kind of behind because it's like vane has one additional dagger over our illusion as well and of course the vein with a little bit of attack speed is a little bit more scary than our Lucian with a bit of attack speed this is the but I feel like if we get a really good engage cuz like the problem is already not particularly healthy Oh Oh God we running stunner get the stuns yeah boy there it is there it is oh it looks with the double kill whoo baby that's what I like to see that was just beautiful like we could not have planned that much better so we had a really good role of the mobi boots so it didn't really take much out of us to run up towards that mid lane fight we beat the bot lane to the mid lane fight we got a good ultimate on the kindred and the Annie and then the flash aeon to the kidron after she burned her flash like that was just you could not have written that much better that was perfect okay so now I am gonna go back because I have got quite a bit of gold okay you've got it you've got I'm here for you I'm here for you I am a good support don't say otherwise please give me five stars thank you all right time to go because I've got a lot of gold to spend um I think we can just finish this guy off and then I think let's upgrade this guy because I think we actually do we have enough so let's get the sweeper then and let's look just for additional mana cuz then we'll go back and get the sheen I love ice more gauntlets on Leona just because her engage is so good and she actually does get a little bit of extra damage from that Sheen and the ice more gauntlets proc like keeps people after she does engage just lockdown that little bit extra not like Leona needs much more CC in her kit than she already has but it's nice when you can just kind of like bring them into the fold then keep them there for a little bit of time okay so we don't know where they are my ignite is up in 60 seconds oh they're currently there they wouldn't actually be stupid enough to walk through here right okay good I was gonna say if they were gonna walk through there we were gonna have a field day um so 12 to 4 we're definitely winning brav upgraded his item first which is kind of interesting not entirely sure why you would first get that as your first item I think it's probably not the best idea no what I really thought I had that I thought I had enough time to get that Auto Attack off I'm just gonna check over here as well they do oh oh right before it runs out support God see look at how orange I am see I actually am pretty orange just takes using some abilities okay so apparently they have vision there so I'm gonna go and just get another pink ward down over here so they do not have that warded they don't have anything warded so I think we can be pretty aggressive here I don't have my flash up but man damn all of a sudden just started playing so incredibly passive so kindred it was 100% BOTS they're doing the exact same thing as they did before yeah kindred is right up there because we saw the ward get placed right there that's how we know because they were right here and a ward appeared right here if she comes in from the from the lane I think we can actually do something here okay gonna have to land a good ultimate though that's kind of the thing this is just kind of an awkward gank here so I'm not entirely sure if this is gonna work hmm lay there just standing way too far back well there goes okay there's nothing we can really do like unfortunately it's just kind of like they've just warded in the right places there they're playing super passive so it's not really a whole lot that we can do I am gonna come and try to help this locks out though cuz there seem to be some people that want her dead Oh Oh there is once again a beautiful little roam and just the fact that the bot lane was absolutely nowhere near that fight just works out so well for us I think we might actually able to just push this turn down because I don't really care about the bot lane turret if we can get this mid lane turret and the rift Herald that feels like a pretty decent trade for me okay so once again good roam we got the ignite down onto the tahm Kench I think they killed the allowing but we got three kills for it so I think allow he's pretty okay with dying for that one um I'm so close to I just get rid of some biscuits yeah we just get rid of these biscuits as much as I don't want to there's a big difference between going back to Lane with the Glacial shroud and a sheen versus going back to lane with ice-born gauntlet so I'm gonna go for that I don't really care about the biscuits too much I haven't really needed them that much man there's something about a tea it's English breakfast tea by the way for anybody who was wondering seems though everybody always wants to know the moment that you start drinking tea Oh God oh geez oh we going oh we going yeah yeah yeah what do you guys want what are you gonna do Oh what are you people gonna do huh I got oh I was gonna say that I had movies now I didn't have movies because you hit me I was gonna chase her down and it was gonna be fantastic so I'm glad I went in on that one actually um I didn't think it was gonna work out as well as it did um but we got the kindred so damn low that I was like oh we could probably go for this so I just decided to flash in cuz I was like you know what we got to make some flashy plays so we're 1-0 in 11 I'm kind of loving this score line right now because it just kind of looks like binary which I like can you please let me get one of these thank you okay so we're probably gonna get a lot done with this rich girl I'm gonna try to get some ice born rocks on this I would love it to get another attack off onto this turret up here that would be great okay no God boo boo Sh there goes half that HP uh-oh and look who gets the kill I am amazing that was actually just friggin perfect but apparently we needed adults because that was what ended up sealing the deal on the prom so I can't I would love to say that that was kind of mean that it was like a kill secure a kill steal sort of thing but it wasn't we needed my old right now I'm to zero in twelve this is good this is good we're feeling great I'm gonna take the scuttle crab because Vai is currently on the other side of the map so there's no point now it's not taking it and it could very well become Kindred's mark so I'd rather just take that out of her pocket um but in terms of how everybody's doing allow me actually did really damn well against the other tahm Kench which is so freakin lucky because when tahm Kench starts getting ahead we get kind of screwed but there it is ladies and gentlemen jayjay well played we don't even make it to 20 minutes unfortunately that 19 minutes and 55 seconds surrender so was a great game for our bot lane I was the unkillable leona but let's go to the endgame screen to see some of these endgame stats so in terms of our honor you know I've got to give it over to my good old fashioned lane partner because I think we actually had a pretty good lane um we had a couple bad plays in the early goings of things we had good trades and then when they started playing more passively we started playing just for good objectives and good roaming which worked really well so we did go to 0 and 12 which I'm very proud of did not die the unkillable Leona the s – as well but then in terms of the overall damage here actually did a pretty decent about damage I beat the V in damage 4835 so definitely not complaining about that Lucien bringing 7244 we of course wish that there was a little bit more game time in this one trying to think of damage – oh my god let's not bring up all of them holy crap damage taken we didn't even take that much damage allow it was based at the one who was completely fighting that entire time so overall very very fun game thank you guys so much for watching the orange day of our pride week of videos tomorrow is going to be the yellow day so let me know in the comments section below what champion you think I'm gonna play and also leave me recommendations as to what you want to see next or for future videos or series thank you so much for watching today's Leona video and I will see you all in the next video