A Look Inside Nordic Team Solutions

Hi, this is Andy Newell with an inside look at what you can expect on the Nordic team solutions members resources section. From our main page you will see the resources tab at the top. Click Resources and you can log in using your Nordic team solutions account. If you don’t yet have an account you can create one at the bottom of the page. Inside you willl see that information is organized into seven different categories. Periodization, methods, technique strength, testing and recovery race preparation, mental training, and team building. Say for instance I was curious about planning some training for the week. I could click on training periodization. You will see the blue entries at the top are what we call pinned or featured entries. Entries in the red at the bottom are specific for the time of year. September training week example with some more information about why we plan training the way we do in September. You can always refer back to a blue post for a closer look at ski training theory and periodization specific to cross-country skiing. Maybe you are curious about some of the strength training you could be doing this month. Click on strength training. Here you will find the September entries. A strength overview which talks about how the strength is built up for the month, along with the general strength plan and videos of all the exercises. The exercises are listed below with repetitions. We upload at least two strength options For the month with additional core and additional exercises updated throughout the month as well. You can always use the search at the top to search keywords. Intervals for example. That will bring up some interval information for the month as well as a September threshold session. You have a specific L 3 workout that is outlined as well as a September level 4 interval session. just like everything on our nordic team solution website, our resources are translated into five different languages. Don’t forget that everything on Nordic Team Solutions Is optimized for your mobile or tablet. So you can view all your resource material on the go and take it with you into the field. You can easily create a nordic team solutions icon on your phone. This will take you directly to the main page where you can log into the resources section. From there you will have access to all the training material, all your monthly recommendations, and all your technique videos It can be easily viewed on your mobile or tablet. Take them with you everywhere you go. I am Andy Newell and thanks for looking into www.nordicteamsolutions.com