what's up guys nepenthez here and welcome to a huge two-player pack opening video for the syria I won the accounts of as many viewers as I could possibly fit into a reasonable at a time and all I'm gonna be opening today is 8 1 plus packs we're gonna try to get as many Blues as we can usually I build these packs on my own account and I'm like you know nonplussed if I get a good card or not because it's on an account that I've spent thousands of pounds on I have millions of coins I have every player in the game so it doesn't really mean anything right but for my viewers these packs these cards could be very very very good for their team and for their account so hopefully we are gonna be able to pick ourselves up some big cards and if it's not walk out I am gonna skip it and just so those of you that are in the stream right now watching know if I do get a Jupiter cut untradable I'm probs just gonna dis God so if you don't want me to do that don't get involved in the action ok because otherwise you're gonna miss out and also this videos going up tonight I might as well plug it whilst we're here walk out no G fuel obviously I'm sponsored by G fuel now I signed with them last month and I now have a 30% off code for G fuel for the next 7 days instead of 15% off so if you didn't want to get your G fuel products go get that it tastes fantastic my favorite of the question people always ask me what's my favorite flavor so far I've only tried three flavors sour cherry which is the best by far corn candy which is very good and then gummy fish which wasn't my bag so yeah if you want to get some G fuel link is in the description below and it does indeed taste fantastic so gummy fish you know those sweets like the gummy fish sweets I think the flavor they're going for is that and those sweets in general are nice I'm sorry Blakey dude this is gonna be a rip yeah those sweets in general are nice but for me I died like I just didn't really enjoy the fame the flavor too high so once again guys if it isn't a walkout we're gonna skip hopefully the walkouts of blue as well accomplice in people saying that these are like on point for war for blues right now maybe it was just at the early stages of them coming out they would like banging and not so much anymore but what as soon as they came out I saw a hundreds of people tweeting me with so many pools so many Cristiano Ronaldo's came out I've seen already today about 15 Cristiano Ronaldo's oh here's our first walkout come on first blue blue come on got one Spain Sena means Fabian that's all right I don't mind it I don't mind it first blue coming in hot I thought Christiano Ronaldo would drop in price because of he's dabbing stop stop it because of how many people were packing him is hasn't he's the same it's the same so one blue so far wise not bad and the caster dae-ho this is a decent ish card as well six to four star four star bad jumping but other than that that's a really nice card and anchor chemstar I'm Fabian and he'll make a really good box-to-box midfielder absolutely phenomenal there so that's our first blue it took six packs to get the first blue that's not too bad if we have a strike rate of one in six that would be really nice I'd be very happy with that if again if it's not a walk out I'm gonna skip it right now these packs are coming in at according to EA of course they're coming in at 17,000 coins so let's you know let's say they're 15,000 coins apiece because you get two players back from each one that you can craft the next one with I say they're 15,000 coins apiece if you open ten hundred fifty K one blue as long as it's not like a horrendous blue probably all right probably all right so even if we hit one in ten I still think that's okay how much is Fabian selling for that's a nice not a four and there as well so if Fabian is selling for 190 K so the 10 that we've opened here we've effectively got our money's worth which is fantastic we're still a couple to go no walk out in the ninth one I'm gonna do my best to cut out as many dead packs as possible and just pull up on the the good packs the the blue specifically in other walk outs but I have a feeling this video might be a long one 20 to 30 minutes so if you enjoy it drop a thumbs up on the video let me know you like let me know you want to see more because tomorrow will have the guaranteed serious Hema disease impacts which will be great that is the first 10 done and dusted one blue to start with let's move on to the next account alright guys on to the next account seven packs are only 290 coins left on this account so let us hope yes walk out the star like that blue 2 star first pack EA come on let's go probably just woke my kids up it's not even for me wait there curly this is your account isn't it let's go dirt cover man amazing that's an 8 million coin card he has 290 coins left amazing amazing I was genuinely expecting canceled Oh genuinely I didn't know expect to see Chris Jana and I will pop it out that's amazing hey the Red List it pays off doesn't matter whose account it's on it pays off as for let's go have a look at your team before I don't even think it matters if we open the rest now at this point the first pack dude are we you've got blue messy in there as well wow oh my god oh yeah you got all remember Curly's gold – and we got I pulled the Griezmann for him on gold too III believe so if I'm remember quickly so he's got Griezmann there he's got Leonel messy oh my god untreatable through messy and now untradable blue Christiana and outer what are the odds what are the odds how amazing is that that is unreal a curly man you're gonna have to message me in the discord and tell me the secret to getting all of the best players whilst finishing gold – every week we got they got more packs on Curly's account I Unleashed I don't like just doesn't matter he's just packed an 8 million coin player it just doesn't matter it would be amazing if we could get some more here who I can't believe the first pack on Curly's account and it's just got a cr7 in there that's unbelievable got this hole now it's hard at well of course toilet videos gonna be huge now oh man I honestly didn't expect I didn't I didn't know how many I expected to pack I expected to see a lot of like the low ones that Lazar ease the Mancini's I expected to see a fair few Donna rumors and siddig ooze and another walk out what's even what do you need you need to cancel oh now don't you that's what you need to link them Italian goalkeeper there you go so see really that's what this is why I expected to see a loss a lot of citta goos a lot of illicit cards a lot of the pool amazing again the third one at the video already still again coming in hot two more to go a man what what an absolutely incredible return if we could get can sell oh I think that would just be the dream wouldn't it just a strong link ran out a little perfect link ran out of into there and go from there that is unbelievable so there's account number two done guys amazing I have no words just absolutely amazing Cristiano Ronaldo Sidda goo and Fabian as the team of the season we packed so far be right back alright guys next account is up West FC come one EA let's get some more blues with orbit wait for Blues this might be for blues it's for blues we're for blues deep let's go Italian left wait who even is that I sell sure it's that good that's that's not bad is it from one pack to be fair what's he worth 220 K that's decent that's really good that pays pays for all the packs essentially it's worth more than all of the packs together it's not a bad card it's the three star weak foot it turns me off four five foot ten is nice high medium work rates pretty good stamina is okay is dribbling and shooting them and pace of really nice it's physicals are just a little bit of a letdown but other than that it's not a pattern not a bad pack at all so that's our fourth blue now coming in ho do we get back-to-back walk outs no so that's pretty damn everything other than Ronaldo now is just a just disappointing I think the only other thing that I could be here that would make me happy would be can sell oh and then Golan I think everything else I'm kind of like yeah but we have to hit one of those we have to hit one of those three more to go on this account we are up to four Blues can we make it five not on this pack no I'd see how smash thing to sub into the stream dude I appreciate the support welcome to team swear if you guys are watching a video I think away was you talking about we're streaming right now so if you want to see these packs open live instead of a video format link to mix it is down below and we've got one more pack to go on this account not bad though not like gang all this so matey falls in there as well so one blue from six again coming up here it's not been a it really isn't just a bad set it's okay with the amount of a tree falls in 85 we're getting on top of it as well as it's really good although that's an 81 and 82 so let's move on to the next account all right guys on to trapeze account we've been on his account fair few times if I remember correctly his PAC luck hasn't been unreal hopefully the FIFA gods are with him today five more 81 plus packs and again if you guys want to get involved follow me on mixer follow me on Twitter tomorrow Tuesday I will be opening community packs when I say community I'm in my community common walkouts come on blues band second Renaldo I know who days I know what pwe Oh i-95 raid that's right those are 150 K pays for the fire packs trophy man I think that's pretty decent and I'm feeling our first double blue pack I'm feeling I'm feeling a a key a sir in here as well I'm feeling a double blue no not quite not quite done a rumor though 95 rated not bad at all come on let's get back-to-back blues nope yeah I forgot where I've got was chatting about anyway but hopefully we can get some some more good cards for these is of community packs so when I say community I mean my community not community team of the season so tomorrow Tuesday we're gonna be opening the communities guaranteed Syria team and a season packs hopefully hitting some more Co sevens which would be nice now fortunately we call that a Donna rumor there cuz the rest of these have been pretty bad now that's a duplicate rating on my car no sadly and then last but not least come on EA another walk out please no not at all so that is gonna be the end of this account where I've blues now fire blues I think let's move on to the next as on to the next account and we've got 10 packs to go here seven and a half million coins in coins as well and so I feel like this is an account where it's like whatever let me just do what I want because I've got everything and I'm not sure whose account this is in the chat but whoever it is give me a brief very quick rundown of what you did to get your coins did you spend fifa points where you were paid to win account I also saw your team yeah a lot most polite cons loads of the cards in there Hennig there you go heading so what what what did you do to get your coins dude what was their process did you just leave SBC grinders go on a side leg SP season trading how about that then man what what trading is unless you want to don't want to ruin it what did you specifically go towards here's a walkout we've we've we earned a walkout it's blue come on something big ei ah keep our eyes Cyril go hey man but a blue is a blue that's another one in as I said before Matt always to do is this a duplicate untradable it's not brilliant happy days mainly special car trading fair enough had any man congratulations dude having seven and a half million coins plus the team that you've got unbelievable at this and that's where I'm at with my car I have six million coins in an unbelievable team and I know that if I was just small and just did did a few things sensible for like a week I could take that six million coins and turn it into like fifteen million coins and then I could go and buy Ronaldo you know but I just I just can't be bothered to do the things that's necessary to get it done also I'm half waiting for the entertainment agency what EA do with a regards to with a regards to of another festival of fuck style thing you know when they put up all of the special cars back impacts that will be amazing cuz that's when I'll get like my insane team by my true endgame team one blew so far from the 10 packs of Hennig but it's not looking good in terms of like that one city goo he's not really worth that much two more to go and I think we've seen but by the amount of packs we've opened by the amounts we've opened I think it's fair to say that these just really aren't worth it unless you get extremely lucky like early did we haven't hit even enough blues let alone enough high-end blues you know like 1cr 7 and then lots of like low tiers Fabian and El Shaarawy to see raghu's and one Don a rumor and I think that's where we're at so let's move on to another account and see if we can get any luck out of that alright guys we've got 20 packs this will be the final account we will hit a blue hour these 20 packs somebody in the Chad let me know that it has been 57 and now 58 packs since we last hit a blue you guys won't see a lot of that obviously I'm gonna cut a lot of the crap out we did his some walk outs during that time a couple of mertens one in cine a one Bellucci one Costa no Cordys all hand Ana bitches yet interestingly enough here is our blue here is our blue here is our blue and it's gonna be Quagliarella hey that's not bad at all it's frozen hey there he is walk it out that's that's phenomenal it's absolutely phenomenal that I taste something as well that is a really really good card four star four star 511 with amazing stats across the board that like you put a hawk on him boost those shootin stats up to nine an eye on those physicals go right up as well as a phenomenal card what a card to pack out of the two player upgrades as well we still want 17 to go as well here guys can we get all the blue is gonna come all at once now all on the same account I feel another perfect link that's like the 20th time that's happened I have a feeling we're just gonna get like three or four Blues out of these 20 pads here it went to about 60 packs before we managed to hit another blue and now let's see if we can just go ham for the final stretch of this video guys and here we go with another walk out yay come on it's another blue yay come on it's Italian it's a set of eight kyleannie oh wait is that a nice Mancini that's the first part we caught him though that's not bad like it's the first time I'll take hey it's another it's an 87 blue that you can put into the guaranteed C really our team of the season SBC to get cereal go out of so that's not too bad at all yeah it's been a great video guys if you guys have enjoyed watching it feel free to leave a thumbs up on the video that be super appreciated if we could smash 10,000 likes for today's video for such a such an epic video of having Cristiano Ronaldo hacked from a two player upgrade pack we've got two thousand people watching in the stream right now as well so appreciate all of those guys day watching in the stream and I incredibly appreciate the guys that are allowing me onto their accounts to open the packs for the content on the video hopefully they get something out of it as well by way of Blues some of them didn't especially one guy which wouldn't have made it into the video he had 14 Pat saved and it was woefully he got nothing out of 14 packs it was absolutely brute to this set though – coming in Quagliarella I think that's a good good set Quagliarella is I think that's a good card to pull and then that Mancini that could be used as fodder and that leaves us with nine more packs I'm still feeling another team a season or two I really am I feeling like this is gonna be the one where we end with uh with an absolute bang here and then I'm gonna move on to my road to glory account and build ten for myself cuz I'm just feeling it you know another couple of Blues and it just gets me inside again so I'll do that for tomorrow's roads of glory obviously third view the follow roads glory channel you'll be able to go and see that over on the main account and we'll have the guaranteed here is here's the third this is bigger feel in my bones no I'm just kidding just kidding his hand Anna bitch so 100% Hyundai novichok otherwise I said it's gonna be like the biggest one possibly the cordilla it's not bad not bad was that other mile corner in there as well though back-to-back no just kidding obviously minute next time but yeah I'm just I'm I'm just interested to see what I can get n on my road to glory I've got so many coins it just doesn't matter anyway and it's been a successful video you know one absolutely mammoth Paul obviously with Cristiano Ronaldo one great pool with Quagliarella just now and then some good pools like we didn't hear we didn't hit like too many players all together I think we only hit like seven team in a season cause all together no ill estate which is surprising no Izzo which is quite surprising he's only 200k only one Donna remar one else where we won Fabian one Mancini Nola's Ari's Nola's Ari's in all of these upgrade packs that's really surprising considering is only worth 30 K like honestly one pack is worth half of the value of Lazzari so even if you packed Lazzari every third pack you'd still be losing and yeah the the star of the show for today was definitely ma Cano who we've packed genuinely a hundred plus times and here is the last pack of the video guys so thank you for watching let's try to smash that 10,000 likes since died would've been nice if we get an end on a walk out but thank you for watching and I will see you later I'm out with