what is going on guys it's Tyler and we are having our very first weekly subscriber game this Thursday at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time all you have to do to join is be on the North American server go to join a custom and type in ty 14 League make sure to be one of the first to join to save your spot also make sure to check out our twitter at ty underscore 14 underscore league to find out who the lucky winner of the 3000 subscriber draws for today's video I'm gonna be showing you nine simple tips that everyone can do to dominate your lane and win more games make sure to smash that like button if this video helps you out don't forget to subscribe sit back enjoy the video now let's get to the gameplay so the easiest way to trade in Lane is when you see an enemy going for last it like this you attack them but you also have to be careful that they're gonna want to do the same thing to you so when we see you're going for last hit we're gonna want to abuse them get a little poke off so he's gonna want these last hits so I whack him when he goes for them and then I back out that's the easiest way to trade so when he goes for last hits like this I know I'm stronger than him I can take these trades and I just kill him when he goes for last hits that's the easiest way to force a trade when someone goes for last hit you just engage them you don't want to give them any room so Orin steps up to farm we attack them you don't want to give anybody anything for free so we'll just use both of his abilities so I'm out immediately go on I'm trying to kill him because he has no cooldowns I'm just gonna go on them you can't trade back he has no abilities just pick the free kill nothing always go on them when you see them blow their cooldowns csing minions they can't trade back just go for it try and get a trade off so we know York's main damage horses when he queue to something so we just saw him queue so we want to look to fight York when he stood something so we take the fight once he's cute something we know it's cute is on cooldown and we kill them take every window you can when someone uses an ability that's on a decent cool lead lengthy cooldown you want to try and force a fight on them ASAP if you fight while that's on cooldown and you get out of the trade before it's off cooldown they can't use that ability on you and it's more likely gonna win the trade actually we're gonna force a fight here because we have six advantage so you always want to force a fight with six advantage just guys super-dead that would have been a good time to show you how to freeze the wave but we had six advantage so I'll show you how to use your six advantage so whenever you have six advantage you always want to just go in on them as fast as you can just go you're going to win the fight so we have six advantage on New York so we want to zone him off the minions so we don't want him getting any last hits for free we want him way back off in the distance and we don't want him being able to last it so with our six advantage we let the minions engage each other and then we back right up and back him right off the way so he's gonna tank those minion damages always look to force fights when they've taken agra of your minions it's like it's a little review one instead of a1 b1 because all your minions are also attacking him so we want whenever we see him go for a minion we want to attack him so we saw he was going for that last hit we attack him here he is but now the beauty of having all these minions is that if they want to try and fight me they have to fight me in all these minions and odds are they can't do it so these guys are pretty much pathetic I don't know what the hell they're doing and we're out of there like it's nothing so we used our massive wave as a zoning tool we made it so if they wanted to try and fight us they had to fight us in the giant wave and we just punished them when they did try and fight us in the way if we let those minions abuse them that's using minions to your advantage and it may have been a 1v2 but the amount of minions I had it was like it was a 2v2 and with my level advantage and farm advantage on the orc I was even stronger than him so it was like a 3b to always fight in your minions so essential now we know Oren does not have teleport we know his teleports down because he just used it so we want to push this into Lane we want to push this Lane in to his tower as fast as we can if you take a look at your minions coming down the lane right here that's where his minions are so his meetings are about there so you know that your meetings gonna get there in time so this is the ideal situation you want your minions are all focusing his tower and you want his minions getting hung up on your minions here getting slowed down so then the wave meets closer to his side of the tower so when you're this far ahead and you've just killed them i misclicked there did not mean to do that you can do what's called proxy the wave you can move all the way up and take the next wave you can get some wards down and deny that wave that as fast as possible so instead of waiting here for the wave to come and farm it you can just go up kill it and you can be back to base faster your minions will get on his Tower right away and you'll be able to deny him quite a few minions quite a few so we annoyed them enough that he wanted to actually try and fight me for some reason and we were able to kill him so now once you get a kill you want to immediately shove your lane into his Tower as fast as possible and then get out of there he's gonna push a little bit by the time we get there our minions are gonna meet hopefully outside tower range we want our minions meeting outside tower range that's perfect right there and we're gonna get there and we're only gonna miss so far we've only missed one creep and the wave missed two creeps three creeps we miss the two melee minions which is not a big deal at all so now that we just killed Yorick he doesn't have TP we're gonna try and take kill as many of these minions as we can we don't really have very good waveclear so York's right now he's trying to get that shoved into my tower so these key he can deny me those minions which he's going to do I'm going to lose all these minions and I have no opportunity to freeze Elaine at any point because his minions are focused on my tower and not my minions so nothing I can do so right now the wave is set to push towards Oran I have more minions than he does he's actually killing them though so he will eventually make it start pushing towards me but as of now if he only last hit he could have frozen the lane here but he chose not to because I am not sure why it's always beneficial to freeze the lane on your side of the wave so you can avoid ganks but he's gonna let the wave balance out and it's gonna start pushing back towards me when the wave meets closer to the enemy side of the tower his reinforcements get there faster so when his minions arrive at the wave they get there at least like a few seconds before you are so for that few seconds he's getting extra damage off and it's gonna start killing your minions faster so right now Oran is pushing the wave in and I'll show you how to freeze the wave so when looking to set up a freeze you just if they have more minions than you so this orange level just hit six I'm halfway through level seven so we a good level advantage so what you want to look to do is now I want to start zoning him off the wave I don't want to just keep pushing it into his tower unless I can dive them unless you can 100% dive the enemy what's the point of being at their Tower like you just make it harder for you to farm you make it easier for people to gank you and you're gonna miss more last hits cuz the towers gonna shoot you and with the CS will fall in weird positions so right now he set me up for the perfect time to freeze the lane so I have three casters and a melee minion so I'm gonna let that melee go in here and I'm just going to last it it's hard when you have an AoE on auto attacks with the TM at so I probably won't be able to but ideally you just want to go like this you just want to let it pull up here and just only last it it only works if they have more minions than you though so it still worked even with the Tiamat so tell you Frieza you just let it let the minions kill yours and then you want to kill them as slow as possible the last possible second each time so you just keep doing that Orin is losing all these minions to my minions so now with my Tiamat I've started pushing the lane back the other way so now I can't freeze any more so my options are to try and shove it into his tower as fast as possible or to stack up a big wave and slow push it into his tower so I like to go for the slow push so what you do when you're slow pushing you just stand up front when you're ahead you zone them off the wave you want as many of your minions to get killed by his minions as possible so you just don't um off you don't let them get any of these creeps you stand right up there you don't let them in the lane it's not gonna freeze here but it's gonna be slow pushing towards him so I for at least a few creeps I can deny him like that creep back creep that one a couple me lease a few minions in that wave he's knocking it I won't let him get the cannon if it dies before it gets to the tower and then if he comes near me like this I can try and get a attack off on them so we just keep last-hitting slowly and now the freeze is broken he doesn't have enough red minions to hold it here anymore so now we're gonna turn our freeze into a slow push so to do that we're just gonna slowly it's exactly what it sounds like we're going to push out the minions very slow and mainly just going for last hits not trying to push it too quickly and now if he tries to fight us then we get ganked and probably get killed so we get baited into a fight and our lanes pushing so that is not what we want if you're gonna be slow pushing you want to be in the lane because now if they have pressure after teleport in and there's a good chance I get ganked by the graves again so right now we've got what's called a stacking wave we're stacking our minions up in a formation that will crash hard into the enemy's tower so to stack up a wave you have to just slowly last the minions and let your minions accumulate so now York is going to have to last hit the minions with this giant trail of minions going up against them and we're gonna just try and shove this into his tower so we can base we can even try and go for a dive maybe on this York if he lets us so York's trying to base we're not gonna let them just to be annoying just waste this time we don't want him going back to base please but when you've got all these minions stacked up and he's trying to farm under his Tower that's when you call for your jungler to come in and you dive them I wait for her to land some CC so I can that my skill shot and then just pick up a free easy kill so now everyone's been fighting bought lanes so we want to just keep pushing and try and take a tio2 tower if we can you don't want to give them any room Warren doesn't even want to come top anymore because he knows I'm gonna kill them so you just push right into the base they can't stop you someone tries to stop you you just dive them she's gonna net and you just finish them off so they have to showing bottom one showing mid one dead that means there's only one person top that can possibly mess with us there's actually everyone's accounted for three bottom two dead bar just spawned so that means we can just push right in and take out this tower so with the amount of pressure we just created we drew three top we killed one and drew another two to finish me off so that leaves four teammates against two of them so these guys have been in a 1v2 Laurens been in a 1v2 situation down here they were able to get some chip damage in the mid lane there was also another 2v1 they ended up killing the asshole two people dead three people dead one accounted for mid that just leaves a Caitlyn missing to fight us we're not worried about a Caitlyn we're not worried about the bard that just spawned we're not worried about the a so he's not doing well so we can just take this without them even doing anything pillar that guy off me and then just we're not gonna be able to get out of here their lives so we're gonna have to play the way out these guys have a million's oh my god leave me alone so we're gonna toss a pillar down just to get the assist gold on that is this guy joking me right now so we just push right back up make sure we know where the enemy is we want them all accounted for and we want to just take them out the jungler comes to defend you you just kill them they're all accounted for mid for the most part there's yep there's all of them they're all accounted for we can just keep pushing that's very important that you actually check to see where they are so I'm not sure how my team is losing that for v3 but it doesn't really matter I'm taking their base anyways then what you can do the most important thing start counter jungling their jungler when you're this far ahead then you can start screwing with the enemy jungler his jungle is your jungle you want to get to the point when you're strong enough to you can one be two so he's gonna come here to try and steal this I'm gonna get that blue buff I don't have any mana but it doesn't matter you just take everything you can when it's not safe to farm their team's missing you fall back you go start farming as jungle when it's clear to push you keep pushing you push right for their net base try and take an inhibit n so right now everything there's three people on the map orange is spawned I just I know where everyone but the jungler is so I'm gonna fall back and just go and take all of his jungle so we just take his jungle no problem he can't do anything about it we're getting huge CS huge kills huge towers and you just slowly starve him out of the game you also want to take over control with pink get pink words they're all basing those so instead of going for the inhib I'm just gonna try and clean out the rest of the CS and then leave it because you know they're all coming so you're gonna put a ward there and put a ward there to see when they're leaving their base and you're gonna go back and you're just gonna start farming your jungle again just keep taking all their jungle your that jungle this is all yours so once again once you're pushed into there's tier 2 Tower you want to start taking over their jungle take all their junglers jungle because it's yours so while your top laner is pushing the lane back out towards you you can clear all his camps and maybe potentially kill him in his jungle roam around do whatever you want and then still make it back in time for your wave so as you can see we were able to accumulate a four level lead on the orange we were able to double his gold just about had almost ten CS a minute as well as getting three towers and an inhibin 15 minutes we were able to get most coal in the game by a long shot we didn't have the most kill participation but we farmed so much took so much jungle took so many camps to so many towers that we were able to just 1v to anybody that came for us we were able to zone anybody off of any way we wanted to and just create enormous pressure to allow our team to do whatever they wanted because they had to send so many people top to deal with me all the time so it all started with just getting some slight trade advantages when he'd go for some CS we'd attack him when he'd use an ability on a minion we'd attack him because we know he's on cooldown when we had a level advantage we'd attack him and when we had a minion advantage we did attack him and we used all those things and just little by little you accumulated more and more of a lead and you keep rinse and repeating the process then you start denying him you don't let him back to his tower you start fighting him in the in the middle of the lane deny am more and more CS you take their towers and they just can't do anything about it and that's how you win games thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed the video make sure to like it if you did make sure to subscribe for more content like this have a great day and I'll see you all in the next video