7 Golden Rules for Healthy Sports – Fit 4 Health

health is the main consideration for EU citizens when it comes to sports or
physical activity there are a number of reasons for
engaging sport of physical activity the most common are to improve health
for weight control to relax to have fun but are you sure that young athletes
practice a healthy school where injuries are prevented within
Positive Coaching environment and overall receiving good examples of
correct lifestyles 7 golden rules to improve health and
well-being among young athletes in every sport discipline it is the
responsibility of organizations and individuals to ensure
adequate care of young athletes in sports activities football training and competitive
situations involving young athletes there should be a designated responsible
person a tailored procedure to respond to injuries and an at a good first aid kit a written risk assessment for training
and competition venues should be updated every year coaches working with young athletes
improve their competencies following structured training
initiatives to promote Healthy Schools up poster is available in each venue with key safety information
related to evacuation first aid emergency service call numbers
in addition to key messages for a healthy sports
environment annual safety day should be organized
involving coaches athletes and parents concerning training
activities and information about health promoting schools main components to produce better
athletes are suitable physical preparation Positive Coaching and healthy lifestyles
mixed with fun during training and competitions health and Sport in a safe environment