6 NBA Players Who’d Be a Better Fit On Different Teams in 2019

welcome back you guys and with the way some team seasons have gone they might be looking to move some of their players at the trade deadline or get someone at the buy out market I thought why not talk about some players that have skill sets that don't currently fit the timeline of the team they're playing on let's have a conversation if you disagree agree with my list or think another players should be on here that you think would be a better fit on a different team don't hesitate to let me know in the comments so I made a video a few months ago talking about how Trevor Ariza spit on the Sun seemed like a good one for the past three seasons the Phoenix Suns have been a terrible defensive team the perimeter defense was bad the inside defense was bad it's just a mess down in Phoenix overall so I thought that having a guy like Ariza would help out the team's culture and at the very least make some of the younger players care about putting effort on the defensive side of the floor I didn't expect the Suns to be even average on defense but I thought Ariza would have his moments to really help the team yes so none of that happened the Phoenix Suns are still awful at defense the only team worse than them and defensive rating are the Cleveland Cavaliers now I don't think he's been bad for them it's just that his skill set is more valuable on a team that is good yes Trevor Ariza missed all the 3-point shots in Game seven of the Western Conference Finals but he did about as good as a job as you can defend and Kevin Durant and that is a very valuable skill the Suns have the NBA's worst record and in case you missed the news the Suns are expected to try and trade Ariza after December 15th this is what usually happens to veterans who are on terrible teams they look to trade or buy out their older players so they can develop the younger guys Trevor was very valuable to the Houston Rockets 65 win season last year so the Suns can get back some value from certain teams a team like the Sixers the Blazers and the Lakers should be trying to bring in a reason because he would really help them out and if he doesn't get traded and he gets bought out in February expect to see one of the more competitive buyout talks in a few years okay so putting Derrick Favors in this video is pretty bad timing because he just went off against the Houston Rockets after rudy gobert got ejected in the first quarter but Derrick Favors his name but in trade rumors for the past year and a half the Cavs are one of the teams that were rumored to want favors in a trade when LeBron was still on the team favors is in a tough spot in Utah because he's a power forward that should be playing center all the time the problem is that Rudy Gobert has developed into one of the best defenders in basketball at the center position so Derrick's minutes have been inconsistent for a while he'll sometimes start the game with Gobert but won't finish it and in case you haven't been paying attention the Jazz have been pretty average this year the Jazz's offense has been struggling with three-point shooting and spacing so they move Jae Crowder into the starting lineup and got Kyle Korver in hopes of getting more space in the perimeter favors as Utah's most important backup big right now and he isn't available for trade until January 15th I think the Jazz should think about moving favors at the deadline and try to trade with a team that has shooting or bench perimeter scores the Gobert in favors frontcourt works against certain teams and it worked against the OKC Thunder in the playoffs but once you get to the second round and even the Conference Finals it's gonna be hard to play that style against fast teams moving favors to get back some perimeter scoring could help out their early season struggles next on the list we got Kevin Love who has been out with injury and according to a news report he sees a scenario in which he could be traded this year that makes sense the Cavs came into the season looking to make the playoffs but that's clearly not happening this year the Cavs have the worst record in the East and are now moving into the development stage of their franchise LeBron is gone they fired tyronn lue they traded away Kyle Korver they are gonna move jr. Smith soon and they just traded away George Hill yesterday it is no longer valuable to have those players on your team when you're not contending for a championship so it's best to get back some value while you can there aren't many players left from that 2016 championship team now the question is does Kevin Love fit the team's time on as they are rebuilding he does and he doesn't Kevin Love gives the younger players and all-star to rely on when they're struggling and they can learn from him kevin has value on other playoff teams too because he has experience and has been a part of very dominant offenses now which teams which for Kevin Love I honestly don't know I need help here from you guys that team would have to be someone who is looking to save their season are trying to get back into the playoff race there is a lot of risk in trading for Kevin Love because he has been banged up with injuries and unfortunately will probably be dealing with them for the rest of his career so which teams are that I mean the Rockets are pretty desperate right now but they need more two-way players guys that can play defense the Hornets maybe if they feel like they want to get their offense some help next to Kemba I don't know honestly because again trading for love is a risk because of his injury history and his defensive struggles we will have a clearer picture of what the Cavs plan to do with Kevin Love once he gets back in January will he be a part of the rebuild or will the Cavs look to get back value Otto Porter is the next player for this video and he is somebody who has been blamed publicly and subliminally for the Wizards struggles head coach Scott Brooks has come out many times and blamed Otto for his own struggles about a month ago Brooks straight up said that it's up to a dough to do this to do that and he's the only one who can fix his offensive struggles and lack of involvement the entire Washington Wizards roster is up for trade as you all know so moving out of Porter would probably get a lot of positive support from people who think he's a big part of why they are struggling as a team the criticism isn't totally fair though Porter was the Wizards most efficient player in three-point percentage and second on the team and true shooting percentage but only got around 12 shots a game he's one of the better three-point shooters in the league so it might be best for the offense to involve him a bit more with the way the offense is structured playing with John Wall and Bradley Beal is tough because they dominate the ball and all the possessions but at the same time a lot of people talk about Otto Porter in theory he's this good shooter you can rely on and he solid at defense but there will be times where he goes invisible on offense and sometimes on defense he's not strong enough to guard this player or laterally quick enough to defend that player I've talked about it before on Twitter the team culture with the Wizards starting from the ownership to the players is kind of rotten so it's probably time to blow it up by the summer on a team that emphasizes more ball movement and three-point shooting Otto would be a more effective player now team is that you read a lot about the Kings and the Rockets as potential teams but are they willing to take back his massive contract that's the problem with Auto he's a positive player for your team but bringing in his contract over the next two years will take away some of your flexibility to make other moves second to last player we have on here is another wizard and that is Bradley Beal now we just talked about outer Porter and how the entire wizards is available in a trade if it comes with the right players and picks Beals price in a trade is a lot and reading news stories about it it seems the Wizards have held Beals asking price too high to get traded this season which is something they definitely should be doing factoring in his contract and encore performance Beal has the highest trade value out of anyone on the Wizards the Wizards should be trying to fleece teams there aren't many players in the league that can score at all three levels while making passes at an average level and playing defense at about an average to above-average level like he can he's only 25 years old and doesn't rely on overt athleticism so having an all-star player like him throughout the length of his contract is good for your team long term I think there is some slight untapped potential and Bradley Beals game as a playmaker on a different team or any different offensive system that emphasizes more ball movement Beal could use his passing skills and off ball movement to become an even more effective player right now the Wizards run a lot of simple stuff with John Wall drilling and Beal coming off a screen to shoot a mid-range jumper three or get to the rim or Beal will be the one creating an isolation in the 26 games John Wall missed last season Bradley Beal had to take over as the main playmaker and he did about as good as a job as one could expect he averaged six assists per game in those 26 games John Wall was out as of a few days ago the Raptors were the betting favourites to get Bradley Beal but I'm not too sure if that will happen Masai Ujiri has proven he'll do whatever it takes to get to that next level but I think Beal stays on the Wizards through this year the Wizards front-office seemed to be pretty content going to the playoffs with this core and they probably will it shouldn't be too hard to get 45 wins we'll have to wait until a new coach is coaching the Wizards or Beal is on a new team to see if he can take his playmaking to another level last on the list we have Terry Rozier I wasn't too sure about having him on here but I thought there is some interesting stuff to discuss so why not so far through the first 24 games Terry is averaging way lower points assists usage rate field goal attempts from the playoffs last year it's clear as to why that is Kyrie Irving is back with the team Gordon Hayward is back and they have a lot of guys whose skills are best when they have the ball so sometimes Terry will have to fall back and play a bit off the ball it's not something he can't do but at the same time he became a hero for Boston last year as a primary ball handler I considered putting jaylen Braun in here too he's been struggling but just had a good game against the Knicks I think Aaron Brown will be okay though if he keeps coming off the bench to fit in the firing line up with Hayward and Tatum was weird Jorund definitely needs the ball a bit more to get rhythm she's not a guy that is best as a full time spot up shooter Jay was even admitted in the preseason that with him Janna before Hayward we have to find a better chemistry and rhythm to help each other himself nobody wants to step on each other's toes but we're not helping each other either even though Terry is not as forward like so Street guys are he's hard in the middle because he needs the ball to Terry is the one that might be the odd man out but at the same time I don't think I'll get traded this year because he is insurance in case Kyrie gets injured and that has happened a few times so Terry probably stayed throughout the season the Celtics knew what it was before the season starters they have a lot of guys that need the balls with their gelling a bit now this stuff won't matter in the regular season the real test will be in the playoffs and it begins the later rounds as he was getting the minutes I'll say right now that I believe Terry will be on a different team in 2019 and that's it for me man not everyone is going to agree in this one that's fine but there are some trends and developments that have popped up lately that make it seem like a trade or a ziti before you see could be the best thing for these players going forward to create it to the end of this one shout out to you I really appreciate it next video won't be a week long weights off see you soon