5 melhores coisas retiradas do Dream League Soccer 2020

One more video for the channel, today I decided to bring to you,
5 things that were taken from the game, are 5 things they had in the DLS 2019,
and were withdrawn in the 2020 version, before continuing with the video,
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just go in the description, continuing the video, in fifth place
I put the restart, restarting in the 2019 game version,
it was used to restart your game, you would start the game again,
so there was this button, in the 2020 version there is no
plus the reset button, the DLS 2020 after you get it,
it gets complicated for you to restart, in fourth place, I placed the transfers that
no longer appears all players, in the 2019 version it was simpler
for you to find the players, in the new version of 2020 appears
only 15 players at a time, and good players appear
as you move up, it’s hard for you to see players
of name at the beginning of the game, are more the most basic players, in the 2019 version, you could always see the
great game players, could see at the beginning of
play all game players, now in the 2020 version
it’s only 12 every round, in third place I
I put the special selection, in the real game there are always players
that stand out in matches, or team of players that
win championships, in the game these players are
featured weekly, and are sold at high prices
with two increased skills, in the 2020 version I couldn’t
find this in the game, I believe they have
taken it out of the game, in second place I
I put the create players, everybody likes to create players, be they football legends or
a player with his own name, in the 2020 version of the game there is no but creating players, I could not find
this option in the game, so I believe there is no more, in the first place I put
the squad of players, many like to play with
Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, these fan-made modifications, the 2020 version removed all that, now there’s no way
put these teams in the game, now you can only play
with the players of the game itself, you will not be able to add
no player that is not in the game, a good option for those who want
add players to the game, just download the 2019 game version, that now the applications are different,
so you can have both games, you can play
the 2 simultaneously, I hope you have
liked the video, if you like this video,
I will bring part 2, God bless life
from each of you, until the next video and
God be with me, I went.