happy birthday dear Mikey boy happy 28th birthday dear my boy hashtag my 18 should add another 10 to that number maybe you can get some clout now thanks man I appreciate your song on screen these are different items that have sold and players and I'll tell you right now most of time manager leagues are not going to sell some of these kits and badges are not going to sell look at this this is why you lists these items Hamburg kits sold I really like that that that kid anything could sell there's so many ways to get coins into this game they give you so many opportunities you shouldn't just lay discard just because you're away Z it's just wasted coins at this point of time in the title you got to get the most coins you can absolutely and even someone like shot who puts a lot of money into the game at the same time all those players are saving I know you're looking like on your own time just like shipping them out I packed KDB right now and i don't know how and i know in in a week's time when when the game does drop for you know global it's going to be he's got you might you might go up to like 400 500 k so there's no real incentive to you know trade your high-value stuff right now but uh make sure you know the stuff that you wouldn't otherwise consider to have any type of like value just go ahead and just lets them up on the market because you will get more than discard big-name guys like Sean said typically go up because more people have the game they want those players there's their supply and demand they're rare they're not easy to get you name it so what I'm doing right now is you guys can see I'm just realistic a bunch of items and we'll see if any of them self who knows but either way getting 200 coins as opposed to discarding is a much better trade I agree so most people on YouTube or most streamers right now what they're doing they have a main accountant to put money into and then they have a road to glory account now for me that's not going to work because I if I sacrifice a thousand games on a road to glory account and I could have put those thousand games on a main account then I'm missing out there as a competitive player as someone who's going into events or preparing for events but it gets to a point where you have to get the meta players as quickly as you can so the players you've identified that have the certain traits that you require the attackers gotta have a high pace I shooting pretty good dribbling the defenders have to have the high pace hi hi defending hi physical you gotta identify who your goatee players are going to be and you have to get acclimated with them as quickly as possible so you need to get to that stage pretty quickly and if you do that if you try balancing a road aghori account I don't think that's the best use of time when it comes to getting used to a new title so disappointed with my results I won't lie to you very especially you know we also get it's better to dig them early than later you know it's hard no dude I was smashing sugar it's like do as I say not as I do the thing is I know Mike I know looks really animated he actually gets this up some hummus bro look at my personality I'm trying to build kind of a squad guys but I don't I don't know if I like what I have assembled just from a visual perspective I've played two seasons games so take it with a grain of salt Jeff does seem to add a little bit more okay teenis looks a little bit quicker pace passing plays just like ping pong but it does seem like it's a little bit quicker than seasons I don't know if anyone else can attest to that from the low test good trading strategy if you if you plan on putting some serious dough into the game if you liquidate most of the players in your club you'll find yourself with you know a lot of coins and you can pick up a lot of these players like that will have one two washes and next weekend I believe is when they really still want to watch it so that normal cards won't be impact therefore they will be inflated so players like Locke is that players like Kukoc who wears like recipes who's been done by these players will have their normal cards will be on attacks so they will appreciate it he looks like you if you went through your like a wood chipper great like like let's just say you had a really bad allergic reaction that day that's what he looks like I can't stress this or agree more of a shot that so much is about the met it like finding the players that fit what you're doing right now I'm looking at this and I'm very scared for this midfield area in fact I would say that type of team lends itself more to a 4-3 one two rather than a I just want to deck your defense I'm gonna be experimenting with Drita bags last year at the beginning of the game he was so really 2530 K guys he's worth it so it's the 300s what is meta basically in competitive terms or really in anything in life it's it revolves around the overall scheme or our core I would say a strategy that's used in a certain competitive environment or something where people are trying to have some type of inherent advantage over someone else so meta means kind of like what is the I guess overall accepted advantages would you say this one that's accurate description mark yes and I think in gaming where people usually apply the meta is gameplay mechanics yeah just to put this in a little more layman's terms and gaming basically is the guys that have the stats in the right places a lot of times that maybe are just a little bit broken in terms of they just perform better than their stats or they break expectations players like that are a lot of guys that were overpowered from last year as well people are gonna at least assume that's rad I can attest to Mike's ability and I know that what he's saying I've experienced it as well high rated players will actually play up to their level this year if you guys get a messy if you guys get a Ronaldo congratulations you have perón advantage what is the player that you're surprised by or a player that you thought that previously you just didn't make anything up but when played against or played with him you thought was very good I would say for me this year you know I really thought Rochefort's four star skills were going to be kind of you know whatever but he's the real deal you go up against that dude I mean he's pretty damn good if you can get an 84 overall player at a good price he's almost always gonna go up because just there spc value at times when SPC's are dropped that are important to people it's gonna go through the roof Bernardo silver three point five thousand for an 84 Raider in the primarily no way in hell she will not profit on that price point thank you so much for your subscription yeah bout a week and a half to continue September we get half price off layaway amen by the way don't waste your access minutes on transfer market do it through the web app yes he doesn't have a much different came to me we're in the same formation just different variations and he's got a few lone players which is normal I think this would help me a lot of my draft games actually if I was playing this patient this is ridiculous sort of smarter and there's our goal and now he is a real situation and while I do think there are certain players that you're going to apply in at the medium to lower rating that we'll be able to emulate that type of meta that's what everybody's looking for everyone's everyone's trying to find those players however at the end of the day I do think that this year just like Mike's mother kept saying you know these ty rated players are going to be pulling some Wow has are literally just BB just less than 2k and the fact that I gave that stupid goal great walk come on man come on ah that's unbelievable I never had so many problems there's these average components bro I don't like the half at all I'm not happy I'm making changes I want two strikers gonna go into a 442 because he's trying to hold the ball at the back Rigo eat that up bro eat that up just holding the ball bro holding the ball I am salty Oh making subs now making changes interesting where's my pen I got lucky there if I'm being honest I think that he choked right there and there's nothing more to it that's a foul fall down dude we fall down good that is such a sweat bowl man thank you so I think you just have to you know slow the tempo down and then just play at your own pace we gotta win like I said there's just no easy games thus far for me but I haven't really gotten to good flow with squad formation tactics patience even being clinical at times has been really lackluster for me this match a little bit better shows three shots on-target three goals but overall it hasn't been one of my better attributes please don't let me lose this Oh start the game fourth minute a man it's a struggle first oh that's what I'm trying to say man the struggle is so real house on o2 I think you were definitely pacing yourself that game which is good oh that was so good see that you you you were so confident the shot – because I already scored a driven shot and then I got a rebound off this side so therefore was like a good bait way more thought-out some of the best players in the game will show you they're the best players in the game when I played in his paw but he showed me like I'm one of the best players in this game that's what I'm feeling when I'm playing with de Brian all right I've got an update for trading remember I'm telling you at the beginning of the game I don't know why but all of this sells la FC sold Netherlands badge Portland Timbers badge Bastos sold for 500 in fact I actually am going to ship out a lot of my cheaper guys even though I'm not gonna make crazy amounts of coins on them and then I'm gonna try to buy into players that are investment