yo what's up guys it's Zach back with another 2 hype IRL basketball video I got my boy AJ leprae with me this time too we're gonna be doing a team shooting challenge now this is kind of like a relay race but it's more of a shooting challenge than a relay race it's gonna be two teams of four alright here's how it's gonna go so the first two people are gonna go they're gonna start right here at half go in bruh make the layup then you're gonna go from the corner wing top of the key wing corner once you make that corner shot you're gonna get your own rebound and you're gonna throw it out to the next teammate that's gonna go from up there make his layup and then go around it's gonna be both teams going at the same time though alright guys you saw the teams you saw the spots we're gonna go best of three best of three first team to two wins is the champion all right let's get it started three Oh Oh Oh [Applause] Oh hey y'all seen the video those guys playing ball at the park and they're missing every shot that's what it was when moppy and Mitchell were going this is round two we have to win this round or we lose the whole game all right this is crucial you guys ready all right yeah we can switch side why are you so slow [Applause] [Applause] alright guys the other team took it it's a little windy out here so a lot of those shots are probably gonna see are gonna be really off some air balls stuff like that it's not our fault I promise you guys know we can shoot the shoves you guys for watching the video I appreciate it if you guys want to see any other basketball challenges let me know down in the comments you guys have any ideas everybody else did basketball videos on their channels links are in the description you already know to hype Saturday + AJ mochi actually did a soccer video so make sure you guys check that out that's going to be in the description as well thank you guys for watching peace