2020 Lexus LX 570 SPORT // Is the BOLDEST LX Worth $102,000??

So obviously what this LX Sport model is all about is going to be up here in the front Totally new fascia and change out the crew So we should be looking at is a new kind of spiderweb texture like what you see Especially the F Sport models so you can kind of think of this as the F-sport Except dates they don’t go any extra into the performance. This is a cosmetic package only but as you can see Sticks out We also basically get a lower body kit so this snaps on to the front here and it does drop down free the lessening the ground clearance in the eye lights, but adding that extra sporty appearance that Sparse you’re instantly styling it headlights do carry over from the regular model there the triple-beam LED headlights as well as your fog lights And you can see though despite being relatively minor changes they do really change the overall look alikes And I can see that it would be something that people really be interested in having This is based on the LX luxury model so you will here There’s also a subtle revision to the mirror here You have a different type of chrome accent that goes through here with your little LED turn signal Nothing is different on these side cover as we move around to the back They have done some similar upgrades back here. The main difference is going to be your bumper as you can see This lower body kit has carried over from the front. So it kind of sticks out a little bit more aggressively You’ve got look different kind of holding there as well just to kind of make it have a more dynamic look But otherwise you’d be looking at these same styling once again equal LED tail lights with a three-dimensional design you still have the spoiler as well as That really hits all of the differences for the LX Sport model Here on the outside. So now we’ll go ahead and hop inside and see what this packet adds in there Now as far as interior differences for this sport model you’re gonna be looking at a lot less Became comparison to what was changed on the outside Actually, the biggest difference for the sport model is an exclusive moonlight white leather color We’ve actually still opted to go with the black interior color on this specific one But just be aware if you go for the sport model you do have that available Exclusive color. It’s only on that model Otherwise this interior is going to be based on the luxury model already So it does mean it will have these semi-aniline leather as well as all the finest interior materials in here So you still have leather that goes all from the top to the bottom as well as long through here and your linear espresso wood trim Go ahead and start it up now Honestly, there’s really not a huge amount of changes or anything to talk about in here So I’ll just kind of go through a few of the different features You’ve got your head up display This is a fully loaded model, of course. So this is the very top of the lineup So it just adds a few things to the you know, fully loaded luxury model We do have the power testing leather wrap steering wheel, which is heated Inside of this you will also find the They’re eight different types of Drinks and whatnot get your cupholders and up here. You have your wireless phone charger as well Now being an off road focused SUV, the sport model does not do away with any of the different drive modes settings for your suspension four-wheel drive hill descent Your different modes here. So it’s very very capable vehicle, of course being based on the landcruiser You still got your 360 degree camera system with a cue trajectory front and rear parking sensors You have an automatic deploying electronic parking brake This is your Lexus enform controller. This controls the display. It is not a touch display It does not have Android auto apple carplay on this either And then up here. We’ve got our buttons here that still look like touch capacitive, but they are actually physical buttons So they’re very simple to use and everything is reasonably laid out You got your analog clock here and then working our way up here. We have an auto dimming mirror with homelink universal remotes We have our standard size moonroof. There’s still not a panoramic one available. And then we have one of our other 2020 changes that’s going to be this exclusive headliner. This is a very very wonderful feeling headliner. Super soft This is exclusive to the sport model. Like I said just added to the luxury just to give it a little bit of extra feel of specialness to it and it is extraordinarily stop soft definitely online with like The top-tier options that you get from BMW and Mercedes All right, so I’ll hand it off to Mason he will see if there’s any changes in the rear areas Of course getting here inside of the L exported is gonna have these same features as the regular LX model There’s really nothing different here in the rear So in the center, you have your vents, of course, you do have some of your windows sun shades up top We have the events for your second vents on in addition to that. Of course This is fully loaded in the sport configuration. So we do have our own climate controls It’s for zone climate as well as your heated and ventilated seats So nothing really different back here from the regular LX, but it’s so fantastic place to spend time Now of course the tailgate opens in two parts, so to open the top one just push the button And of course to release the bottom one ink this And once you look inside as you can see there’s plenty of space and you have your typical LX Folding seat mechanism here. Of course it is power on this model So all you have to do to lower it is just push these little buttons And it does lower right down Now we do have something blocking it but in the event that you do it just falls right down And we’ll just fold it back up to keep it locked in place But overall really nothing different here in the rear for the LX sport model And of course there is plenty of features back here covered in our full review Now as you can probably hear that is the familiar 5.7 liter v8 There are no changes for the sport model in terms of the powertrain So it does stay the same with the naturally aspirated large v8, which has plenty of power and Plenty of good noises as you’re here. Yeah 5.7 liters 383 horsepower. It’s definitely on par with its rivals Now if you want, you know the full impressions, of course just go check out our full review. We did drive this car extensively, but Actually, nothing is different in typical kind of Lexus F sport fashion. It’s just Exterior styling and that’s it Now, of course keeping that signature LX Ride and drive you are going to have a very commanding presence here I mean you’re taller than pretty much anything on the road, especially Sedans and you can even lift the air suspension up to a higher setting than what we’re at now to even look, you know My grille, there’s always the out of the most like intimidating looking things to have behind you and I Didn’t know you could really make it more Intimidating, but I think they’ve done it This this grille is even bolder than the normal version. So the presence is really Its unsurpassed. I honestly nothing comes to mind. It’s gonna be so You know big and in-your-face and just so commanding if on the road You know, so if you want to get some people’s attention this is a good good vehicle to do it in And you do of course have an air suspension so it’s super smooth in here You know, this is a car that has a six-figure price tag The sticker on this one is a hundred and one thousand to six hundred dollars. I think it’s almost 100 two thousand dollars so this definitely doesn’t come cheap and you are gonna have a lot of features and Extremely comfortable ride quality as you would expect for that type of price tag But overall with this sport model LX Definitely offers some distinct styling whether you like that or not that will be up to you to decide to your particular high But it definitely doesn’t Hinder anything about this car it just kind of had some unique styling to it in addition to its already super luxurious ride an amazing cabin! Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this quick look at the 2020 Lexus lx570 Sport Edition As always if you wanted to watch our full review for the LX model just follow the links in the description We’ll have plenty of links and a lot more details will be covered in that video We’re just going to give you a quick look at this and let’s sport matter So I hope you enjoyed and be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons We’ll catch you next time!