well guys the forecast is looking good for opening her so far dad said it was what 65 yesterday 66 they were claiming it's supposed to be this afternoon which is not normal for opener for us usually it is cold and the waves are hitting the windshield and freezing so hopefully the fish are biting if the fish are biting and the wind stays down or the temp it's the 60s it's gonna be a damn nice day we don't have Grandpop here unfortunately but he'll be watching I'm sure yeah he decided it's just too cold at fishing opener so he's gonna stick this one out hopefully we can get him up later this summer when it's warmer been a while since we've kicked out a fishing episode hopefully we catch a bunch of fish today maybe some big ones hopefully there's some hogs still hanging around the four-mile Bay Green River and the mouth of the Lake of the Woods so stay tuned another episode of up north ultra madness 19 and 3/4 funny seven nice one there's a leech oh it's a big beauty is the brute this clothes 26 nice fish eater that's the washing us we're used to it though that's been kind of staying silent back what's going on it's kind of weird all the actions been back in this corner 21:20 I will start a lot right I check my bait – I just thought I maybe needed a new minnow nice one [Applause] that's better than last couple fishing opener 2019 was awesome the weather was about as perfect as you get for fishing opener we caught our limits of walleyes and a few slot fish as well as a few bonus augers good launched either the public access rate down from the river bends resort and reans opener only comes once a year and it's been an ongoing tradition for us to be on the water don't forget to subscribe if you like watching videos from a pret docteur madness we hope to still get an occasional video so thanks for watching this episode about north outdoor madness kind of a funny story to last year's opener so I being Steph and just phoned out we were pregnant and we weren't telling anybody yet so dad always likes to celebrate his birthday because his birthday is always fishing opener it's always Saturday or Sunday this this year it's some day and Mother's Day and so you know we always like to have a few drinks or stuff when you're done fishing so we packed some fake wine in a real wine bottle sparkling wine well it's in the back with the cork on it well had been shaken up so much from the vibrations going down the road that it popped the cork and didn't spill thankfully but we thought for sure that was just all confused on why this wine bottle it popped its cork he never caught on thankfully but we made it through the weekend and Steph was tired and went to bed early so we made her a few more take a month month or two before anybody found out but it was pretty funny we waited till Father's Day to tell everybody it was a good Father's Day