10 Suicide Squad Joker Deleted Scenes That Would Have Changed Everything

DC’s live-action Suicide Squad split comic
fans down the middle, but no matter how people felt about Jared Leto’s Joker, nearly everyone
agreed: they wanted more – and apparently, they were originally going to get it. With hours of Joker footage on the cutting
room floor, we’ve broken down some of the scrapped scenes that we think would have made
the movie better. Give the video a Like if you think these Joker
moments deserve to be seen, or should have been included in the actual movie! Here are 10 Deleted Suicide Squad Joker Scenes
That Would Have Changed Everything. Joker’s Jailbreak Audiences never got to see the specifics of
Joker’s breakout of Arkham Asylum, only when he showed up to fry Harley’s brain. But the sequence originally included Joker
killing someone offscreen with a baseball bat. That explains how Harley got her signature
weapon, taking the bat for herself, and turning every cracked skull into a love letter to
“Mr. J.” Joker’s Therapy You might not get the impression that Dr.
Quinzel (“Quinn-zell”) actually helped Joker with her treatment, but a scene restored in
the Extended Cut says otherwise. Joker actually gets his revenge for the “faded
memories” Harley brought back, leaving him confused and angry. It explains how the electrocution is actually
payback, and shows THIS Joker is the product of some past trauma. He has an origin story – and Harley’s one
of the few who knows it. Letting Harley Live The movie leaps from Harley getting shocked
to the pair’s manic romance, but a separate scene was filmed to show Joker leaving. Just as his trusted henchman pulls a gun to
kill Harley, Joker stops him with a wagging finger. The moment reveals Joker feels SOMETHING for
Harley. At least, it explains why SHE thinks she’s
someone special to the infamous gangster. Joker & Monster T Fans spun some wild theories about the DC
character played by Common, but his role turned out to be a short one, killed after a single
scene with Joker. The original scene was filmed to include more
interaction between the two, showing an actual bond being formed between the gangsters before
the wrong word spun Joker out of control. The longer scene made it clear Joker and Harley
were “playing with their food.” The watches of their previous victims can
even be seen on Harley’s arm. A Killer Delivery Audiences are as surprised as the Van Criss
security guard when a bomb blows up in his face, but a longer version of the scene was
filmed in which Joker realize the guard is alive, and kills him with his bare hands and
a one-liner. Since the Joker doesn’t actually kill anyone
for the fun of it in the movie, this scene proves that just like the comics, he kills
when he pleases – or if there’s a joke involved. Predator Becomes The Prey Fans got plenty of looks at a stunt involving
actress Margot Robbie on a motorcycle, but the scene was more than just added action. It showed Dr. Qinzel chasing Joker down, refusing
to give up on the love of her life. The Joker tries to get rid of her, claiming
he isn’t someone to be loved – doubling down on the idea that he rose above his past, imagining
himself as an idea, and not a man. His past is still a mystery, but he definitely
didn’t FORCE Harley into becoming his sidekick, which some people claimed was the message
being sent. Harley Shot First When the Joker tries to talk Harley out of
loving him, a trucker shows up to interrupt. Harley pulls the Joker’s gun and kills the
bystander without a second’s thought. Joker’s usually the homicidal one of the pair,
but even he says it was a bad idea, proving the point Amanda Waller makes when introducing
Harley, claiming she’s every bit as dangerous as the Joker, but loving him has made her
downright crazy. Joker’s Gang The Joker’s henchmen are predictably weird,
dressed in goat heads, baby masks, and of course, a lovable Panda suit. But when the plan was to spend more time in
Joker and Harley’s world, the infamous Panda Man was actually a fully-developed character,
played by actor James McGowan. The white and black color scheme was even
going to be carried over to his wardrobe in the form of real-world “dazzle camo,” used
to confuse enemy ships during World War II (Google it, crazy stuff). Even when it came to his goons’ clothing,
Joker was waging psychological warfare on his own enemies. Harley’s Classic Costume Batman fans held their breath hoping to see
Margot Robbie wearing Harley’s classic Jester costume in live-action, but it wasn’t meant
to be. The filmmakers were clearly determined not
to disappoint the fans, since set photos show the jester suit was going to appear on a mannequin
in Joker’s apartment, explaining why Harley couldn’t wear it in the field. The suit wasn’t included in the scene, so
it wound up added into the couple’s comic-accurate introduction, and in Harley’s personal effects
when suiting up for the mission as a consolation prize. Joker’s Smoke Grenade The audience knew something had changed when
the shots of Joker half-burned and pulling the pin on a grenade from the trailers were
nowhere to be found. The shots are apparently pulled from the movie’s
original ending, when Joker returned from the helicopter crash to rescue Harley – who
chose to stay with her friends instead. We don’t know WHY the change was made, but
it did give the movie a more surprising ending, with Joker returning from the dead to break
Harley out of Belle Reve. Conclusion Those are only the deleted Joker scenes that
have been revealed so far, but they’re more than enough to make Suicide Squad better. Are there any other scenes you can think of
that shouldn’t have been cut? Let us know in the comments and subscribe
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