10 BEST MLB Teams that NEVER WON a World Series

these are the baseball teams that should have won at all but didn't after a dominant regular-season these are the clubs that fail to live up to expectation of the postseason many fans and writers thought these teams would hoist the World Series trophy instead they all suffered early off seasons and failed to win the championship many for dick ovation of one I'm Justin fraction today we look at the top 10 teams that didn't win the World Series and a big shout out to Weaver you for suggesting this list we do have to enjoy this video and if you do feel free to click Subscribe down below for more cool videos every single day number 10 1994 expose the 1994 baseball strike was a cruel and the COS players like Tony Gwynn a chance at history yet it was the expose which the strikes possibly hurt the most behind all stars like Moises Alou marquise grissom and Kenny Hill and young stars Pedro Martinez and Larry Walker the Expos jumped out to a 74 and 40 record before the strike ended the season Montreal had the best record at the time of the August 12 stoppage many believe Montreal was the best team in baseball but they never got to show it during the pen chase and postseason number 9 1986 Red Sox it was one of the most painful defeats in history after winning 95 games taking the AL East by five and a half moons the Boston Red Sox looked to endless 68 years of frustration over the World Series title with MVP and a young winner Roger Clemens and all-stars like Wade Boggs and Jim Rice Boston reached the World Series and faced the New York Mets just one strike away from winning the series on 6 being probably will happen when the ground ball went between the legs of Bill Buckner this gave the Mets a second chance and then went on to win Game six and seven number 8 1953 Dodgers the 1953 Dodgers went 105 and 49 still the best winning percentage in the teams history Brooklyn had seven of their eight starters had at least 10 home runs and were led by Rua Campanella who won the MVP Jim Gilliam won Rookie of the Year Campanella was joined by 6 Dodgers only all-star team including Jackie Robinson Pee Wee Reese at Duke Snider yet the Dodgers unfortunately a mess again keys for the second straight year in the Fall Classic the Yankees won in six games and kept Brooklyn from their first World Series win number 7 1931 Athletics after winning 107 games with Philadelphia Athletics were expected to submit their dynasty in the 1931 World Series manager Connie Mack Leavitt back-to-back titles and what future hall-of-famers like MVP son young winner lefty Grove Jimmie Foxx and Al Simmons the aides were expected to three-peat the aides won the AL by 13 and a half pain feeding Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig's Yankees however the st. Louis Cardinals upset the Athletics and seven games in the Fall Classic the Athletics will not reach another World Series until 1972 when the team was in Oakland number 6 1962 Giants on paper to 1962 giant look like one of the greatest teams in baseball history Willie Mays hit 49 home runs and was joined by Felipe Alou orlando cepeda la mera shell and Jim Davenport on the all-star team San Francisco won the NL by beating the Dodgers in a three-game playoff the Giants at 103 and 62 unfortunately met the Yankees in the World Series and fell to the Bronx Bombers in seven games even with their offense the Giants were no match for Yankees pitcher Rob Perry who pitched a scoreless Jim to give New York a 1 nothing win in game 7 number 5 1998 Braves with aces Greg Maddux Tom Glavine and John Smoltz at the helm the Braves for the one more than one championship in the 90s yet it was 98 team whose shortcomings may have hurt the most the offense was on a tear with Chipper Jones Andruw Jones Andres Galarraga and Javy Lopez each eclipsing the 30 home run mark Glavine also on the side young with a 20 and six records and two points for 7er a but Atlanta had to wait another year for their rematch against the Yankees in the Fall Classic because the Padres besom in six games the 98 and LCS number 4 1954 Indians in the 162 game format in 1954 Cleveland Indians set the record for best winning percentage in the AL with a 111 and 43 record yet Cleveland is most remembered for its World Series defeat to the giant holding up v103 win Yankees by 8 games the Indians were led by pitchers early win and Bob lemon who each 123 game at the plate Larry Doby and Bobby Avila set up a tribe for success however in the World Series the underdog Giants upset the Indians as a Willie Mays gave us one of the greatest catches in sports history number three 1960 Cubs in a 154 game schedule no team won more games than in 1960 comes flowing 116 and 36 Chicago won the NL pennant by 20 games the Cubs pitching staff led all baseball was a 1.76 an8 Mordecai Brown won 26 games for the team unfortunately becomes Ahmet their South Side rivals in the World Series and lost the White Sox in six games so the White Sox have the worst team batting average in the AL at 230 they pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history number two 1959 Orioles in the first season that the American League was split into two divisions the Baltimore Orioles Cruces the best record in the league managed by hall-of-famer Earl Weaver the Orioles went 109 in 53 winning their division by 19 games Frank Robinson and Brooke Robinson had an outstanding year in both town led the team with 37 home runs the pitching staff has two 20 game winners in a Youngstown Jim Palmer unfortunately the Orioles met the miracle mess in the World Series in their eighth year of existence the mess pulled off one of the game's greatest upsets beatings also more in five games and number one the 2001 Mariners the 2001 Mariners of the greatest team to not win the World Series led by manager Lou Piniella and AL Rookie of the Year and MVP Ichiro Suzuki the Mariners went 116 and 46 time and Iceland six comes from most wins in a season with Suzuki the team sent eight players to the all-star game including Bret Boone Edgar Martinez and Mike Cameron so what happened the Yankees that's what after winning the regular season matchup six to three against New York's the manors lost in five games to the Bronx Bombers in the ALCS in the series clinching went to the Yankees the mariners capped off a disappointing effort by losing 12 to 3 do you think there was a team we missed in our rankings let us know in the comments below if you liked this video and learned a thing or two clicking the like button helps us out a ton and we appreciate it if this is your first time coming around a total pro sports though subscribing is a great idea because we put out videos like this every single day but as always thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next time