🚨DE GEA HOWLER – CONSPIRACY?🚨 2-0! Arsenal vs Man Utd (Premier League Goals Highlights Parody)

During Arsenal 2 Man Utd 0, this happened… An innocent mistake or… A Premier League Conspiracy? THE WIND THEORY Phase 3 of Operation: Man U in the Europa League complete. THE ‘OTHER’ WIND THEORY Yellow card! What for? Following through! THE S**** GOALIE THEORY Tibo strikes again! The more keepers I make look bad, the less bad I look! Rumbled! THE FAN THEORY Birmingham City forever! That’s him officer. Oh no! Birmingham City forever! THE PRICK THEORY Jose’s at the wheel!
Tell me how good, does that feel? AND THE LATIN AMERICAN SNIPER THEORY Nice shot, Neymar. Serves those spawny bastards right! It wasn’t me, boss… look over there… Take that you a-holes! Bruce Jenner?! It’s Cavani, boss! Oh… then what are you doing here? I’m here to make sure Fred never plays for Brazil again. He’s garbage! He looked pretty good when he knocked us out of the Champions League last week… Shut the f*** up, Caitlyn! A-hole! Which theory do you think it was? And add your own theories in the comments below! Join us next week for the Birmingham City fan was really Daniel Levy in disguise conspiracy! Goodnight!