OOP wha no no welcome to the Regional Training Center where you'll conduct your workout before you deploy already event they're basic but since you likely forgot already we're going to cover the fundamentals their compass in the bottom your display is essential to figuring out which way you're going orders from your supply the priority leaders will also appear here now and on webstore down of course this is fucking awesome Red's yellow red minute comrade calcium ah it should be lieutenant don't feel personally I would have preferred a drone the fill drone but this is still pretty awesome hey I need to go to the toilet quickly huh out-fucking-standing file out-fucking-standing okay let's go to the obstacle course when you're made of now nobody you'd think you could just jump through but I've actually made it that you can't jump you actually have to go around conchis I'm going through this dress now this is sweet this dude is gonna give us a boost you can now boost people I mean come on make sure when you jump you land on the white board ah take damage don't be appeased it's like me you guys are right what have you got to say for yourself boys you don't know what it tooks sweet bro mr. go go around and take a look when you're done head to the motor base you know this feels a relic when is only for you and your squad well the big bunker listen structure to have entire team and are found only on board operating bases or fobs in most circumstances you will need to rearm your weapons remaining nearby sources before moving out will no good old fishing video they have now this is sweet sup sergeant yeah Mike friendlies within a radius around you there are useful for honor flight comms inter-vehicle cops and generally just get any attention of the man next to you also three of squad radio what you can use to talk with your entire squad no matter where they are on the field sweet self-explanatory ma9 that dude just said it but yeah this is this is pretty sick that's right here in the testicle map where you can see all your friendly positions orders from squad leaders and reports of the enemy activity any new guys watching us please do us all a favor study this if you're unsure of your target before you shoot open your map and have a look it has helped me quite a lot not engage friendlies make myself look like a dumbass how do you still do it every now and then but for the most part but I'm not sure a pop-up in the map I have a look if he's not green or blue I fucking light him up that's how it goes in a number if you want to be more specific it's great ass proto divided into sectors is laid out on a number pad on a snare keyboard these guys learn this we can't ping locations anymore unless you a fireteam leader it makes it a hell of a lot easier if you can just give us a grid reference cool sweet mmm let's go to the Vics first sergeant Mason what's going on brah okay Jon m18 you mean battle tank you know what a40 has I think weapon until any damage it needs to be able to penetrate the armor no penetration no fun nothin here are some a white vehicle that you might encounter authentic race if you look over here you may encounter some of these wheeled vehicles often they're used for troop transport but also to put down decent amount of firepower downrange I highly recommend it so you're likely get your blood shot off but honestly why don't you thought about that wouldn't you bro all peoples are very exposed I can take damage the most common be in the engine there are other parts like Wheels tracks turns and even ammunition stores that can take damage you can expect a few more different ways guys you need to study this this needs to be your Bible you need to know where to put your shots you know you need to know this shit in your sleep very good here on this board or some of the heavy truck vehicles you might encounter these freaking monsters like the main battle tank and the immature fighting people can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on which side you're on often they require a lot of anti-tank weaponry to take down sweet okay that's the beginning this is your standard issue rifle it may come in different forms an attachment to figurations but it does what any good immature weapon does best suppress and kill the enemy all right Selena support roles carry this as a primary weapon the best way for you to shoot is in single shots take a moment we need shot make sure you're still on target look let me show you guys something quickly come on oh come on let me jump through I look he's dead I've blocked it off I can't get through there I gave it basically these targets are the real deal they're the real soldier in game they've just been flattened that's pretty sick I just want you to be able to ID there early and what better way than to use the real thing they'll spit up blood so you know the difference between hitting cardboard and hitting your father this is pretty sick but yeah at each other baby stands between Moschino carry a machine gun like this to the field flying from a supportive position these weapons are highly effective at suppressing the enemy to deliver the firepower of a team of riflemen like this begun I'm gonna take you Tom does any more if she with a high caliber rifle designed to reach out touch the enemy from further ranges than a standard is your rifle slow is smooth smooth is fast take your time when it comes to these crucial shots okay I'm gonna sing that song Bob is ill if you run out of ammo on your primary your sidearm is your next best friend in emergency situations longer ranges so I'll try and hit a fly at hundred meters yeah mm-hmm hitting really dangerous terrain with respect however they are great means of Clarion aroma a group of enemies all roles are issued when they enter into fragmentation or smell variety for concealment this roof is dangerously low for throwing inside you can respect yourself oh yeah every bit so cool if there was a trench did you get last first mean you got this block between acid Anita tres Oh granted ears in your squad carrier grenade launcher slung under their primary weapon these fire 40 millimeter grenades and her highly free in the open and line vehicles just remember the grenade nanometers are so you can't bar these at point-blank range I love that it tells you 5 to 10 meters before the grenade is active so if it just bounces off please know you've altered if you with rocket launchers that yield damage destroy enemy vehicles so make sure you're firing please soldier don't play grab-ass over there there's squaddies than you have and their fathers they don't have enough supplies load the freaking trauma construction and supply it now okay before I start this I just want to say a few things have changed or at least from what I remember a few things have changed first of all you can no longer drive into a half radius while the FOB radius and deploy the supplies while you're driving supplies are only the player after the largest come to a complete stop second thing you check the new way of loading and unloading this means that you no longer need to have permission to actually commandeer the vehicle and then start offloading any old dude who's close to the vehicle can come on or load or load whichever you need to do now what actually makes this quite special if you're going to full squad and you guys are in a fucking hurry to offload the supplies if all of you come here and do it at the same time basically it just increases the time well not increases decreases the time in which the supplies all drop so you could rapidly deploy all of the supplies in the noisy town just a little something I think is pretty special what's this – shit yeah yeah yeah like this shit Oh a little bit too much all right shut up and then folder get that truck started driving up the roads in the flop doesn't go oh shit I have Scott down holy holy me as you possibly made it here I guess they're just empty space night grape of yours now he was lying on the brick truck now let's go go shovel out and build it up soldier let's go this is before they smoke around these dudes that are actually shooting back at us rai that they actually developed for this it's pretty sweet Oh first cap for comes available this is my type of music the enemy's fob radio nope get back get back any day now taking down the enemy's fob one of their primary means there are this is so good we have needed this shit for so long very nice well done OWI well duh