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Please wait……… Riot will remake you… Baba’s butlers strange LOL video LOL Explore Youtuber ‘Miaow Baba’
Thanks for Suscribing and Thumbs up! Hello? Last time, I show you how NA Iron user do lane phase. This time, It is NA bronze user spectating. Let’s see amazing Pantheon user in Bronze. Make a video quickly before Pantheon remake,
and make video again even it’s remake. Then, I can make duplicate vid…… (Beep) Ezreal is happy, because his rune is Keptomancy Ezreal is happy, because his rune is Keptomancy
(Wicked laugh) He didn’t check the bush, I think he is too bold. Varus was watching that all. Lux : What the hell are you watching. Lux : Wanna die? Ezreal strain himself, because he want to active Keptomancy. If him go back like this, It is not worth.
So, he started chase Varus Bingo! If I was Varus, Ill retreat immediately.
Because, I hate activiting Keptomancy. How about your guys think about this? 1. Just fight 1. Just fight
2. Varus is kind to man. Just fight Subtitler : Why Riot made Varus to GAY? 1. Just fight
2. Varus is kind to man. Just fight
3. Just fight for pride (Click) Did you picked this one now? (Minecraft damaged sound) Cuz you picked this, Varus have no spell now. You have to vouch it for suscribe me,
and be Baba’s slave forever. Of course you have to retreat Who select to fight at there? Ah/? Don’t bullshit, YOU SON OF BI*CH Oh we almost forget today’s main is Pantheon. He choose E for first skill and use it. He is almost pushing lane, By the way, who is another top laner? Why you appear now you Idiot. By the way, defeat Pantheon by Tryndamire is hard, right? (Nope) What? This user master E first, like long time ago. This user’s point is using skills like licking. Idk why he cancel skills. When he use skills to minion, he use it correctly. When he aimed skill to Tryndamere, (Tamn Kench melee attack sound) Keep doing like this. Can you believe this is all of Pantheon’s plan? Of course skill, Of course skill, pantheon severely restrain moving, Tryn fell for it. (Leeroy Jerkins KR Version) Pantheon looking for this, so he tried to try lethal. When he mired Tryn like this, It’s successfully.
(WTF?) This is normal scene that jg Diana is taking a Rift Scuttler. In the nick of the time, Rammus finished ganking top and watching this. I think there has a big fight at here in a moment. NANI? Rammus : Where are you going? When you use smite, you have to use it immediatly. Don’t waste your skill like this. You can’t give up which you are taking, Diana wanna to KILL Varus instead of taking Skuttler. Diana know what should do first. Awesome XD Diana : Where are you going? Pantheon returned his lane. Rammus is scary, so ward at here. Almost ward at outside of the bush. You Are nothing Without Rammus Die dIe diE (KR Blitzcrank Laugh) Uh? Jung-Hee Lee song
(It can’t be real) THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Nyan? Idiot Narrater : Idk what I’m making XD Let’s see how Pantheon taking the cs. Please wait……… Riot will remake you… It’s begin again, Pantheon was careful than before, cuz Tryn killed him. And Tryn had a confidence. Huh? It is lethal? It is shame for just run away. Pantheon take siege mode and fight back. But tryn have his ult……..(Nope) ? WHY DIDN’T USE YOUR ULT IDIOT. I wonder why Pantheon’s damage is pretty weak, He bought shoes instead of long sword. Panth get his ult, so let’s use his ult for going back to his lane. In fact, Panth was chasing the Tryn who killed Diana. He think it is really stupid, So he gave up and going to take cs, But they are gone.
(Actually, subtitler is bronze 4. But that is really Idiot) I think Panth wanna to push lane before Tryn come here He arrived here. Panth was scared, because of Tryn It’s not. He wanna pull the lane. Panth : Bruh Panth : I’m Pantheon, the artisan of war, Panth : Why I have to be scared. Panth : No, why I have to pull the lane? Panth : Let’s take a confidence. (Tamn Kench melee attack sound) Tryn : (Japanese) You are already de…. Panth : Sorry Sir! Panth : I won’t mess to you Sir! Panth : Do you think I really gone? Panth : I guess not. Panth : Sir? Su*k my ****.
(Censored) Panth : Where is our jungle? We think Panth user only cancel his E skill, He can use his ult.
(Wait, what?) It’s really intesting.
(Dafug?) This time, Rammus INCOMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Actually, I think It is hard to escape. It’s right. XD But this user do something at this situation, Like AS**OLE He have to give up this one, He wanna loss more, use ult and ignite. He tried hard to get more damage, instead of giving his damage. Panth : Shut the f**k up. Tryn can’t forget that he did dive successfully. He remembered, so he tried dive to kill Diana. Of course, when he success, He never appear in my video. Idiot Tryn is pushing the lane really fast. Pantheon wanna to cancel his E skill. (again) That was the last of him XD. Panth got remake, cuz he is too weak. Panth : Narrator, please shut the f**k up. Panth is very happy. because he got blue. He got new item, so he tried to fight with Tryn. Panth : Hey, brother. Panth : Wait a sec Panth : Fake, bi*ch! Panth : Hey brother. That is it. When he got damage, He noticed that he is weak.
(Wait, Leona ult?) He died again. Tryn did mistake, but he killed Diana. Diana tried to run away, but caught by another champ. Diana got angry, so she pinged panth a lot. But Panth never care for that. Tryn grown so much, so he can’t do anything with himself. So he is just doing spectating, and pushing the lane a lot. But he can’t do anything.. Ally team blamed Panth, so he got depressed and keep staying at top. Panth is thinking when he got remaked,
(subtitle error..) He will carry his game.
(subtitle error..) Oh, why he came here? Leona : Why you came here? Leona wonders, too. Ah, he wanna stole jg’s red. Suddenly, he stopped taking the red. Ah, oh? What is that? I explored bronze a lot, But there has a lot of strange thing in here. I think Panth will group too. He have to do something before the expiration time. Lets use the ult infront of Tryn, and punish him. 자막 단 사람 : 내가 북미섭 브론즈인데
이새기는 그냥 아이언 같은데? (It is just Korean Humor) He stopped backdoor and he tried to teamplay, but he think doing backdoor is better. Ally got threatened. Rammus : Whassup Bi*ch. Rammus : XD Tryn is waiting at behind. And what? Just spectating. Ally is retreating and getting more time. And what? Just take a monster in jg. NOPE Blue? NOPE. Teammate is dying, so Panth think a lot, and decided to help team. Hero appears at the last. (Pantheon Remake Theme) Lmao He didn’t cancel his ult this time. Lv 3 Yasuo Lv 1 Pantheon? NANI? Focus at Yasuo’s skill. XD How did you win, you Idiot. Prepared video is done, When you watched this video funny, please do suscribe, thumbs up, and alarm setting :3 Subtitler : Hello guys! My name is 오목눈이, Ty for watching this video. I’m not good at English, but I like doing something. So I tried this one. Send the subtitle’s error to ([email protected]) Have a great day!