【FFBE】Cave of Tides (LGD ELI) 👺 TEAM FARM Full Bonus 💀 OTK

Hi how are you, Daigono speaks to you we are going to do the Farm event with bonus units the free unit is great to do this event hm … ok I got these bugs that give bonus well you just have to do the chain with them I am using POD 153 for sure you already realized I want a normal monster to appear please, good! this rotation will only load the first time, then it is just repeat Everything will be repeated to make it fast I apply the break It may not be necessary but just in case. Now I apply a buff you may not need one of those two actions or it can come in handy if you don’t have enough damage the rotation of the free unit here is the imperil and the damage of darkness or earth I will use the damage of darkness let’s see how the damage with the chain he broke it now let’s do the same with the final boss and then I will show the equipment just reload debuff and break now the same and he’s dead, GG let’s start here, I put fire element you can choose any element of course it has to be the same element for those who wear POD Refia and Luneth (in this case) elemental firearm and need nothing more here, I put the apollo harp. since it grants this ability: heroic aria. It is a good 40% buff here with Desh I didn’t put anything because the break is his ability 30% break is enough The free unit just put magic to what I could The killer is granted by the esper The magic killer is here 50% more damage only for the final boss With all this everyone should be able to get to the damage without problems… with the break, chain and buff should be enough so I hope it has served you, give me a like and subscribe Take care, BYEBYE I MUST NOT SPEND THE UoC TICKET NOOOO I DON’T DO IT NOOOOO!!! Get away from my damn temptation to spend a UoC selection ticket